Where is the 24-hour traffic police in Moscow?

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Where is the 24-hour traffic police in Moscow?

  • You can find a 24-hour traffic police post in Moscow at the following addresses:

    First, st. Break, 21. Phone for reference: 8 495 349 05 41,

    secondly, st. Tvardovsky, 8 - 5. Contact phone: 8 499 740 14 15.

    Please note that there are breaks from 14.00 to 15.00 in the afternoon and from 1.00 to 2.00 at night.

    It turns out that the registration is carried out almost around the clock.

  • I have the experience of setting up an auto at night

    If you live in Moscow, then on the website of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the GU MVD of Russia, search for the section "Information on the divisions of the traffic police", and in it - the region 77. This is Moscow. Some units work on Saturday:

    • on the street Akademika Glushko, village 13;
    • on the street Signal fare, д. 9;
    • In the street Isakovsky, 35.

  • At night, put on the record in Moscow car can be next to the metro Marino on the street. Break, 21. It is necessary to take a ticket to the queue. If you drive up to 20 hours, then the ticket is about 3 - 4 one o'clock in the morning. If you need evening time for registration, then you need to take a ticket earlier. The procedure there passes very quickly. It seems that you can take a ticket through the website of state services, but I do not have experience myself.

    And there is a department that works on the weekends: st. Tvardovsky, 8, krp. 5.

  • To put the car on the account in Moscow it is possible in all city traffic police.

    The schedule of these registration offices is different. Some car registration offices work without days off, others with weekends, but without days off and around the clock.

    To the third group of traffic police departments, which can be accessed at any time of the day and any day for the registration of vehicles and trailers to them, are:

    Where is the 24-hour traffic police in Moscow?

  • Indeed, in the capital of our homeland - the 24-hour offices of the State Automobile Inspectorate (GAI) function / operate in Moscow.

    One of them is located / is in the north - west joint - stock company and is located at this address:

    Also, around the clock put or take off your car on account you can in the southeastern AO. Department of traffic police (round the clock) is located there at the address:

    Attention: although these offices are round the clock, but they have two hour breaks:

  • Despite the scale of the capital of Russia, I found only two posts of traffic police (GAI), which in Moscow work around the clock with two interruptions.

    Below I suggest to familiarize with addresses of the given divisions, the exact schedule of work and contact data (phones).

    Where is the 24-hour traffic police in Moscow?

  • Here I looked on the site, there are addresses where you can call the traffic police service around the clock. Here you can rent or register a car. I hope that the addresses are relevant and valid until now.

  • At the moment, in Moscow there are two departments of the traffic police, which work around the clock, that is, you can make the necessary manipulations to you at any time of the day, which is very convenient. They are located at such addresses:

    1. Tverdovsky, d 8, to 5.
    2. Pererva, d 21.
  • In Moscow, you can take off or put the car on the clock at the following 24-hour positions:

    1) At street Tvardovsky 8, to 5, to clarify any information, you can call 8 499 740 14 15. Break here 14.00 to 15.00 and from 01.00 to 02.00;

    2) At the address Pererva house 21, to clarify any information, you can call 8 495 349 05 41. Break here 14.00 to 15.00 and from 01.00 to 02.00.

  • Put 31.12.2016 on Pererv, 21 machine on account, getting numbers, certificate and making changes to PTS.Zapisilsya through the State Service on 3: 19 Nights. We went to 3: 00, immediately accepted the documents, immediately for inspection and in 3: 50 already screwed the new numbers on the car. Excellent. I recommend.

  • Round-the-clock traffic police in Moscow

    Today there are two traffic police offices in Moscow, around the clock, two more have two breaks for one hour each. The addresses and the nearest metro stations can be viewed below, as well as the telephone numbers of these stations.

    Where is the 24-hour traffic police in Moscow?

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