Photo: how to turn it into a painted portrait?

Photo: how to turn it into a painted portrait?

  • Also use photoshop. tam there are appropriate filters that make the picture seemingly painted, and there are several portrait options, even watercolor. And it's easy to do, although there are also video lessons for this.

  • есть специальные редакторы например олимпус мастер там есть функции рисование акварелью, масляными красками, карандашом только нужно настроить более реальный вариант в ручную

  • If the question concerns the creation of a drawn picture from a photo in the Photoshop editor, then I suggest the following video selection (excluding the video already answered):

    If this question implies the creation of a painted portrait with the help of third-party programs (this method is especially good for those who do not know how to use Photoshop), then here is another story (and there are even online programs where you can draw from a photo a painted portrait or still life - video just about this program):

    And there is such an option (with the help of CorelDRAW)

    Other programs look here и here.

    PS: the voice in the penultimate video is some kind of strange, similar to the one that usually words in an interpreter google says. You can see the creators of the video are encrypted =)

  • Well, I like to make a similar effect automatically on the site - (there it is called a cartoon)

    Even with the default settings, it's very good!

  • Make a picture from the picture is very simple.

    Give a picture of the picture in pencil or stylize any image under the picture painted with watercolor, gouache, oil or using other materials in several ways.

    If you do not really care about the quality and realism of the image, but you just need to do it quickly - you can do with online image editors, which are sufficient on the Internet, for example, here are these: PhotoFaniya , Photo Pencil Sketch or here on this site Free online services from There are many other similar ones, but they all have one significant drawback - the low quality of image processing, and the choice of stylizing effects is very small and the conversion tools can not be adjusted. I do not use online services for this reason, it is monotonous, not qualitative and not interesting. Elements of their own "creativity"; are completely absent.

    The second method is also very simple, but it gives a chance to introduce some individual, authoritative colors into each new image. This is a method using small special programs and applications. There are a lot of such programs, from very simple ones, in which the quality does not greatly exceed the online editors to quite professional ones. From very simple programs I can advise FotoSketcher и Dynamic Auto-Painter.

    In a programme FotoSketcher work very easy, the settings are few and changing them you can achieve a very realistic result.

    In a programme Dynamic Auto-Painter work even easier, but more interesting, the entire process of changing the picture can be observed in real time and stop when you are satisfied with the result, there are a lot of profiles in it, for different styles of painting. If you install additional programs for screen recording and conversion, you can also make animated quotes "Gifkiquot ;, for example:

    Photo: how to turn it into a painted portrait?

    Another very good and powerful program, professional level - AKVIS Sketch. In use, this program is not complex, but its capabilities in styling images for drawing are comparable with the possibilities Photoshopa. This program can work and as a plug-in to many graphics editors. Understand the tools and settings of the program AKVIS Sketch it's very easy, but if there are any difficulties - look at the office. site developer, there are many understandable reference materials and lessons.

    From the same series and program , which is designed to simulate different artistic styles. With the help of programs AKVIS Sketch и AKVIS ArtWork it is possible in a few minutes to make very realistic stylization of photos in various art styles.

    Photo: how to turn it into a painted portrait?

    And, of course, the best quality in the processing of raster images can be obtained in a graphical editor of all times and peoples - in Photoshope (Adobe Photoshop). I'm using the version Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Extended but also earlier versions will allow to achieve very high quality and realism of images.

    It is very difficult to master all the photoshop yourself, but you can learn to use certain functions and filters quite quickly. Look at these video tutorials, it's on your question and you will not have any problems to make a picture out of a photo.

  • In order to change the real photo to a hand-drawn photo, you only need a photo editor to do this.

    I personally always use This Site.

    Here you can change all your photos to pictures, that is, on this site you can turn a photo into a painted portrait.

  • There are many ways, how to add a picture effect picture. The most common and probably the easiest way that I know is the use of the program Dynamic Auto-Painter. This program will automatically do everything necessary to give photos of them imitation of drawing with a pencil.

    You can do everything yourself by mastering photoshop. But this is a bit long and requires some effort.

  • You can turn a photo into a painted portrait or turn a digital image into a painting or drawing, drawn by different styles, in several ways:

    • use graphic editors, special programs that you need to install on your computer, these programs use to edit images, including for converting photos into drawings by watercolor, paints, pencil
    • use graphical editors online
    • use programs that are used to transfer photos from the camera to your computer's hard drive, they can also be used to edit images and turn a photo into a drawing.

  • You can do without photoshop, on the Internet a lot of free photo editors and photo templates, in which you simply upload a photo, and on the "exit"; it is displayed with the effect you need.

    One of them is (but their mass)

    The effect of the portrait will look something like this (but this is not the only quot; portrait pattern; there is a better pattern)

    Photo: how to turn it into a painted portrait?

    Photo: how to turn it into a painted portrait?

    Also there is a bunch of templates for postcards, but of course its an exclusive one to do in Photoshop

  • To date, this is no longer a difficult task, because there are many programs to turn an ordinary photo into a painted portrait. you can use Фотошоп, FotoSketcher, Paint, Dynamic Auto-Painter. These programs can be downloaded for free from the Internet.

  • Everything is very simple:

    in Photoshop there are special filters that will make your photo not only painted but also embroidered and rumpled and whatever you like 🙂

    The main thing is that you have the photoshop installed, and it's easy to understand

  • Hello! in our time to find the answer to our same questions you just need to go to the Internet. And the question that bothers you is a lot of different and most importantly free photo editors, with the help of them you will easily learn to turn photos into painted portraits! I myself often use this siteand I do not have any problems. With this site, you can turn your and another photo into a painted portrait!

    Good luck to you!

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