People how to make black eyes without proteins as in the photo

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People how to make black eyes without proteins as in the photo

  1. What lenses ???? No lenses will hide the protein! You can change the color of the iridescent obolochki with the help of lenses. and the pupil. This is a photoshop of pure water!

    And the principle is described here

  2. Try this. Select the region of proteins. From this selection, select "Color range" (white), replace with a dark one.
  3. so that's what the song "Black eyes"
  4. It's best to draw it. Brush with black and a brush with gray shades. Give your photo with your eyes and your eyes will be as black as what was created in this life.
  5. What does this have to do with photoshop?
  6. contact lenses, photoshop))))
  7. Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 тебе в помощь . скачай и наслаждайся ссылка заблокирована по решению администрации проекта
  8. these are scleral black lenses of large diameter, you can do without photoshop
  9. paint the squirrels with an ordinary black brush and add glare so that the eyes do not look plastic.
  10. Ink in the eyes
  11. buy lenses under the order of any color and picture in the net!
  12. link is blocked by the decision of the project administration
  13. Lenses)
  14. You open a paint, choose a black brush, paint over your eyes, glare before your eyes you make a white brush,
  15. Give a site where you can send a black eye
  16. lenses are colored, buy - and will be your eyes, as in the photo
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