Why dream that the tooth fell out?

Why dream that the tooth fell out?

  • I have a grandmother and she is good at solving dreams, not according to dream books, but according to the knowledge that her grandmother gave her. So, if the tooth fell without pain and without blood, it is likely at best a disease, to the worst it is to the death of a relative. If the tooth falls in a dream with pain and blood, then it is for the arrival of distant or close relatives. And also the tooth in a dream can fall out because you had it waking up in reality or there were events related to the tooth. Here you dreamed.

  • Teeth show how a person is connected with their ancestors. One tooth is one ancestor. If the tooth for some reason does not exist: fell out, knocked out, the doctor pulled out - the person becomes more vulnerable to external influences. Hence, we need to pray more, to earn protection, to ask for the help of our ancestors. If the doctor has pulled out by mistake a healthy tooth, then he (the doctor) will have problems.

    Why dream that the tooth fell out?

    http://mirmystic.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=46amp;t=13852 It contains important recommendations: when it is possible, and when it is impossible to pull out teeth, sins and good deeds corresponding to each tooth are described, and much more.

    Including, it describes what it means to sleep, in which teeth fall out:

    Why dream that the tooth fell out?

    However, one must take into account that such dreams do not always come true. Firstly, such a dream is not a fatalism, but a serious warning. If a person repents, realizes mistakes, sincerely turned with prayer to God, then the warning may not be fulfilled. Another reason is that there are days of false dreams (they are determined by the lunar calendar). In the days of false dreams, the powers of darkness can be frightened, but these dreams are false, and they need not be paid attention! The main lunar days of false dreams are the ninth, fifteenth, twenty-third, twenty-ninth.

    As you can see, everything that relates to the teeth (including dreams), you need to pay serious attention.

  • According to Miller's dream book, a tooth that has fallen out in a dream is treated like this:

    If you dream that the tooth fell out, it is to the losses and losses in reality. You should be prudent, because you can expect a meeting that you will not like neither you nor your relatives or relatives. Depending on how much your teeth fell out in a dream, this will be the amount of loss and loss.

    According to the son-son of Tsvetkov, the tooth that has fallen out in a dream is treated like this:

    If in a dream you have a tooth without blood, it means that in reality you will miss something important and dear to you in your life. You need to try, pay great attention to your family and relatives. Also, a tooth dropped in a dream warns against paying too much attention to the material, and more developed their spiritual essence.

    what's the dream that the tooth fell out

  • If the blood went then it's very bad. Most likely, this indicates the imminent death of your blood relative. If there is no blood, a very distant relative will die, of which you will not cry much. Maybe you will not even know that he died if he lives far away.

  • In many dream books, dreams, whose plot is connected with teeth, consider certain areas of human activity:

    • relationships with surrounding people;
    • career and self-realization;
    • health status.

    Considering the versions, what it's dreaming about, that the tooth fell out, it is worth paying attention to the original cause of the phenomenon:

    • a tooth falls out in a dream due to destruction - a change in state of health (but this does not always mean that health will worsen)
    • falls out rotten tooth in a dream - the dream of a dreamer expects a speedy recovery (if such a dream is dreaming of a healthy person, then he will get rid of the trouble)
    • a healthy tooth falls out in a dream - wait for trouble
    • the tooth with blood in a dream drops out - the news of the death of a person.
  • If a rotten tooth without blood has fallen out, someone from old acquaintances, if blood, is a relative of old age. If you have a good tooth without blood, then it is likely to lose a loved one, but not a blood relative. Is not excluded treason. The worst thing to see in a dream is when a healthy tooth with blood fell out or you got it knocked out. It is worth a couple of weeks to look after the most native people, to avoid travel. If a new tooth is seen on the spot of the dropped tooth, then a serious illness of a loved one is about to recover.

  • If you saw a fallen tooth in a dream, prepare for any loss in reality. This can be a loss of work, a divorce with the second half, a serious conflict with a friend, without the possibility of restoring the previous confidential relationship. A very bad sign, when a tooth in a dream falls out with blood, is to the loss of a close relative. If all the teeth fell out in a dream - a person will live a long time. If you must someone and you dreamed that your teeth fell out, it could mean that you pay off that debt. If the teeth fall into your hand, you will get an inheritance.

  • According to popular beliefs, the tooth falls in a dream to death. If a tooth with blood has fallen out, it is a misfortune to have a blood relative, if there is no blood, then with a person who is close to a sleeper, but not connected with him by blood ties. Do not forget that dreams are just a game of our subconscious, therefore, your dream can mean that you are worried about your health, or spoke on this topic with someone the day before. I do not think that such dreams have prophetic character.


  • In general, it is believed that the loss of a tooth in a dream is not a very good sign. The loss of the tooth indicates a loss. But different treatises are interpreted in different ways. Perhaps it's just your experience for someone and for something like this is perceived by the subconscious. Perhaps on the eve of you you just talk about something unpleasant talking, can swear, and maybe even going to the dentist. In general, I do not advise you to take this kind of dreams in vain.

  • The fallen tooth dreams of the death of a loved one, if with blood-the death of a relative.

    Personally, I had such a dream did not come true, but my colleague several times coincided.

    How you perceive your dreams, this is what happens in life.

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