Tell me, who is the geisha?

Tell me, who is the geisha?

  1. geisha is not prostetetutka, and a woman in Japan live, which the guests prefer to drink tea to sing and entertain guests
  2. Ge # 769; ysha (jap. #33464; #32773; geysya?) Is a girl who entertains her clients (guests) with Japanese dance, singing, conducting a tea ceremony, talking on any topic of 1. The name of the profession consists of two hieroglyphs: art and man, thus meaning man of art. However, to designate such artists and their professions, both in Japanese and in other world languages, including Russian, other names are also found. For example, in the Kansai region (where Kyoto is one of the largest geisha culture centers), starting with the Meiji restoration, the notions of the 2 geyko (#33464; #20238;) are used, and for the female student the concept of maiko (#33310; #22931;) 3. 12288; Pupils of Tokyo geishas are called jap. #21322; #29577; the xangum semiprecious hanku stone (their time is half the price of the 4 geisha time); there is also a common name for jap. #5; #12362; oh-shaku pouring sake 37196.

    The main work of geisha is carrying out banquets in tea houses, hotels of the Japanese type and traditional Japanese restaurants, where the geisha acts as the host of the party, entertaining guests (men and women). The traditional style banquet is called o-zasiki (Jap. #12362; #24231; #25975;?, Literally a room with tatami) 7. A geisha should direct the conversation and promote the fun of the time of her guests, often flirting with them, but at the same time maintaining her dignity.

    Traditionally, in Japanese society, social circles are divided, which is why the Japanese could not attend banquets with their colleagues, this bundle gave rise to geisha women who were not part of the internal, family social circle 8. The life style of geisha and courtesans was painted: bo # 769; most of their time, especially before World War II, they spent in urban areas called Hanamati (# 33457; # 34903; city of flowers). The most famous such areas are Gion Kobu, Kamisitiken and Ponto-t, located in Kyoto, and in which the traditional way of life of geishas is preserved more clearly 9.

    Geish in modern Japan, even in Kyoto, remains very little: so, if in 1920-ies throughout the country there were more than 80 thousand geishas, ​​then now their number does not exceed and thousands, of them in Tokyo 10 and Kyoto approximately on three hundred. Even the visitors of Gion in Kyoto will rather meet disguised as geishas extras, posing for photographs, or disguised tourists than real geishas.

  3. Geisha, this is a professional prostitute in Japan, in short the pleasure delivers in maximally
  4. A woman who entertains her clients with Japanese dance, singing, tea ceremony, conversation on any topic, usually dressed in a kimono and wearing traditional make-up and prichku. The name of the profession consists of two hieroglyphs: art and man, thus meaning a man of art. However, for the designation of similar artists and their profession, both in Japanese and other world languages, including Russian, there are other names.
  5. A geisha girl who entertains her clients (guests) with Japanese dance, singing, tea ceremony, conversation on any topic. But not a prostitute.
  6. A woman who exalts men.

    "Sake", "geisha", "kimono" -these words sound like music. But if with kimono and sake everything is clear even to a person unenlightened, then the geisha for a typical westerner is still mysterious and mysterious.

    In Japan, everything beautiful is cultivated: a flowering tree, a stroke of a feather, the bending of a sleeping cat. And the geisha .... To them, in general, the attitude is special ... Kipling, who wrote "The West is the West, the East is the East, and they never get together," was absolutely right. Europeans often confuse a geisha with a girl from a bar or an ordinary prostitute from the barren neighborhoods of Tokyo or Kyoto. Prostitutes in Japan, of course, there are, they can even dress like geishas, ​​but they are not geishas.

    Geisha is a phenomenon, a unique tradition that has no analogues.
    The European does not know that a geisha, entertaining, coquettish, witty and erotic, was created to amuse the man, in order to
    he felt his own exclusivity, and not just for sexual pleasures.

    Residents of the country of the rising sun know perfectly well who are the geishas, ​​and yet 99% of the Japanese have never met with them. Why? Too expensive. Two hours in the company of a geisha cost about a quarter of the employee's annual salary. Only high-ranking officials and big businessmen can afford to spend an evening or a night in a tea house, where the geisha reigns in an atmosphere of refinement that has remained unchanged for three centuries.

    Kimo-"working" clothing geisha. The real kimono is not shred and do not sew.
    This is a single piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body and fixed with a few belts. The average cost of such a miracle is equal to the cost of a cheap modification of "Honda" or "Toyota", but the price of a kimono designed for especially solemn occasions can reach the price of a "Lexus".

    Then-make-up. Geisha covers his face with a white paste that makes it softer and allows his lips to look brighter.

    Geisha wears a chignon, which even to a tall master costs a long hours of labor. Chignon makes the geisha sleep, leaning his neck on a wooden cushion. For the Japanese, the neck and upper back, as well as the wrists, are the subject of lust.

    The life of a beginner geisha "is not limited to the ability to wear a kimono and do traditional make-up.It learns singing, dancing, drawing, calligraphy, the art of talking and serving drinks.
    She should not get married.

    Externally restrained, they are capable of a playful joke, while retaining a halo of good manners and detachment. Sexually, the Japanese do not recognize taboos. Eroticism, as well as singing and dancing, is a high art for them.
    And yet the "technical" adaptation is a secondary thing. The main secret geisha in the other, it is defined by the concept of "harmony." Harmony of gestures, voices and spaces. A meek, pliable and at the same time full of ingenuity and forewarnedness, a geisha is unsurpassed in the art of elevating a man. Geisha is the servant of love, the ideal woman in an ideal setting.

    With a prostitute, a man feels like a male, with a samurai geisha, Einstein, Mozart, Picasso, Sylvester Stallone and Leonardo DiCaprio at the same time.

  7. A geisha is for fun but not a prostitute, rather like a toastmaster
  8. Ge # 769; is a girl who entertains her clients (guests) with Japanese dance, singing, tea ceremony, conversation on any topic. More link is blocked by the decision of the administration of the project #12484;
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