Serial Sherlock who plays Benedict Cumberbatch?

Serial Sherlock who plays Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • Benedict Cumberbatch in a completely unusual series about Sherlock Holmes plays a major role.

    The hero does not say that he is handsome, but he is so unusual that he is simply mesmerizing.

    Serial Sherlock who plays Benedict Cumberbatch?

    You can talk about whether a good actor or not, Benedict Cumberbatch, but it seems to me his somewhat romantic appearance helps him to become not the traditional Sherlock Holmes. He is a modern detective who has the ability to solve any puzzle.

  • In the British TV series "Sherlock"; the actor Benedict Cumberbatch's role, in fact, the very detective Sherlock Holmes. The role of his assistant was played by Martin Freeman. And the role of his brother, Mycroft, was played by the screenwriter of the series - Mark Gatiss. Talented troika!

  • Benedict Cumberbatch very interesting actor, in terms of fate, not having in truth the talent of the actor, he successfully and confidently makes a career. Benedict Cumberbatch does not have an original appearance, in most cases it was his appearance that did not allow him to get any significant roles, but the actor managed to get the roles with his old acquaintance, the fact is that the actor is familiar with the son of one of the Arab sheikhs, they studied somewhere together and apparently became friends , so Benedict Cumberbatch simply invites his friend as the producer of this film, well, and naturally assumes the leading roles. So it happened in this series, where Benedict Cumberbatch starred as Sherlock Holmes.

  • Бэнедикт играет самого Шерлока. странно, если кто незнал об этом. В эту роль он вжился идеально по-моему. После Шерлока Бенедикту начали поступать предложения сыграть в том или ином фильме. В Хоббите он действительно снялся и сыграл Саурона кажеться... Очень популярный актер в наше время.

    Serial Sherlock who plays Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • Benedictу Cumberbatchin the series from BBC quot; Sherlockquot; / quot; Sherlockquot; got the main role. This actor plays in the series of the cult detective (private detective) - Sherlockа Holmesa, which, using its special methods, reveals the most intricate and complex crimes.

  • Бенедикт Камбербэтч (19.07.1976 г.) - популярный британский актер театра и кино. У него много ролей в кинофильмах: quot;Стартрек: Возмездие (2013)quot;, quot;12 лет рабстваquot;. А более всего актер популярен именно по съемкам в сериале quot;Шерлокquot; (2010 - 2014).

    There he created the ideal image of a private detective who reveals the most intricate and complex crimes with his friend Dr. Watson, in whose role is Martin Freeman. Sherlock himself is known for his unusual deductive methods, unusual logic and observation. He is not like other people, this sort of "highly active sociopath", as he himself identifies in the society the hero himself Benedict Cumberbatch.

    This is the modern image of Sherlock Holmes today, advanced in the world of technology and skillful in its business.

    ** Benedict Cumberbatch incomparably plays his hero, getting used to the image and giving him different and distinct personal qualities, determined by his individual character, genius and unique manners. The actor is incredibly talented, charming and sympathetic, his hero is unique and uncommon.

    Такого Шерлока Холмса еще никто не знал: молодой, энергичный, обаятельный, как всегда деятельный.

    Сериал обязательно стоит посмотреть, если кто-то еще не видел. Уже вышли три сезона quot;Шерлокquot;, quot;Шерлок 2, 3quot; и выйдут скоро четвертый и пятый сезоны.

    It's very interesting and exciting! The show has a lot of fans.

    Serial Sherlock who plays Benedict Cumberbatch?

    Serial Sherlock who plays Benedict Cumberbatch?

    Serial Sherlock who plays Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • Benedict Cumberbatch plays the main role-the very Sherlock, and plays it perfectly!

    I'm delighted with the series! "This Sherlock is not only clever and smart, but also sexy and attractive. The plot is spectacular-it's impossible to turn off the film in the middle.

  • james moriarty sherlock holmes and doctor watson

    If you know a little bit Benedict Cumberbatch as an actor, then it will not be difficult for you to guess that in the series quot; Sherlock & quot ;; (quot; Sherlockquot;) he plays one of the main roles. Роль самого Шерлока Холмса, a famous detective from Baker Street. The series from the first series managed to captivate the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. and interest on 50-70 is precisely thanks to the incredibly talented actor's game Cumberbatch. In addition to the "Sherlock"; You can see the actor in such films: quot; Hawkingquot ;, quot; Fifth powerquot ;, quot; Hobbit ;, quot; Game in imitation; quot ;, quot; Doctor Strange; and many, many others.

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