How to sew a coat without a pattern yourself?

How to sew a coat without a pattern yourself?

  • Without a pattern, you can sew a poncho with a hole for the head and sweep the seams. It is better to make a pattern all the time, so as not to spoil the fabric, since it is quite expensive. Pattern can be found in magazines by sewing, for example in "Burda moden".

  • It is very difficult to sew a coat without a pattern, the only option is a poncho coat. For its manufacture, neither a template nor a stencil is needed. Here is a step-by-step instruction for making a poncho coat without a pattern:

    1. We remove the sizes: for this dilute the elongated hands in different directions and measure the distance to the wrist, add a couple of centimeters. This will be the width and length of our product.
    2. We fold the fabric in two layers and cut out the square.
    3. The square is folded in half, and then again in half. Take a small plate, for example, one that is used for salad or for dessert. Cut out the neck.
    4. Carefully work the edges. All our poncho coats are ready.
  • Hello!

    There are many ways to make a coat without a pattern, and one of the easiest ways is here. It describes how to cut a fashionable women's coat without patterns, which will have a one-piece sleeve and a collar on the open neck. Cutting the coat can be done directly on the fabric that you choose. It will turn out such a good coat, as in this photo:

    How to sew a coat without a pattern yourself?

    And here is another video lesson on sewing a coat without a pattern, it's very simple and accessible.

  • A simple option that does not require a pattern is a poncho coat. His cutting does not require supernatural calculations, you need to know everything:

    1) Chest circumference;

    2) Girth of bender.

    How to sew a coat without a pattern yourself?

    It is not difficult to sew such a coat. it is a piece of fabric that is folded in half and has stitched side seams, intended to be divided into the main part and the sleeves.

    As for the neck and anterior incision, it is possible to make out of a strip of the same tissue.

    You can simply tie a poncho with a belt, or sew a zipper or sew a button.

    If you decide to make a coat with a belt, then you need to provide next to the side seams and loops for the belt.

    That's the whole process of sewing!

  • We sew a coat without a pattern.

    To do this, we buy a suitable, liked fabric. It is better, that the fabric was wool double-sided (cashmere, half-wool), it means beautifully and effectively looked both from the front and from the wrong side, because our coat will be without lining.

    coat female

    Of course we will need a sewing machine, threads in the color of the fabric, scissors, chalk, ruler and centimeter tape.

    It is necessary to remove the most basic measures of your figure, we measure (and write down) the girth of the chest, waist, hips, neck, shoulder length, sleeves, products. We do not need all the measurements, but just in case, write them down.

    direct coat

    Without a pattern, we can sew simple coats, without darts, creases, without a strong fit to the figure the simplest, this coat of direct silhouette with one-piece sleeves.

    coat of direct silhouette

    For such a coat, we need to know only the girth of the thighs and neck, the width of the shoulder, the length of the sleeve and the product.

    Rectangles of the back and shelves of the coat are equal in width to the half-hip of the thighs plus three to five centimeters to fit freely (how much you want this freedom and add).

    To build a one-piece sleeve from the neck, measure the width of the shoulder plus the length of the sleeve.

    The collar-rack is easy to make, you need to take a strip of fabric along the length of the neck of the coat and the desired width (the height of the rack).

    Lateral seams we spend on a seam. machine, we process and stitch the collar stand, we fold the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the coat. In order to make a buckle (buttons, buckles), you need to process the sides of the shelves (folded on the wrong side and stitched or processed with braid). You can leave the coat without buckles, but then from the remains of the fabric make a belt.

    Coat overcoat or poncho sewing is easy, there is no need for special skills and measures.



    A cloak is a piece of fabric with treated edges, of the desired length and width. The cape can be rectangular or round, completely without a collar or with a hood for your taste.



    Fashionable demi-season coat for one evening.

    demi-season coat

    Exactly the same coat as from a fashion boutique, I found on the Internet on the video with a detailed turn-by-turn story How to sew a new coat from start to finish for the evening.

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