Which films are better to watch when bored and lonely?

Which films are better to watch when bored and lonely?

  • Для каждого индивидуально. Если мне одиноко, я смотрю фильмы своего детства, юности и молодости.Не буду говорить какие, потому что они могут не совпасть с Вашим возрастом, но у Вас наверняка есть свои. Попробуйте, помогает.

  • If I feel lonely and sad, I watch comedies, adventure films, science fiction, detective stories, action films. In general, everything that distracts from reality.

  • I think comedic always help because laughter is the best medicine ...

  • From personal experience I can say that from boredom and loneliness I am saved by comedies or humorous programs, such as KVN, Comedy Club, Ural pel'menis. Of the films, I really like the "Chick", "White Chicks", "Hotheads", "Police Academy". And of course, there are a lot of new films. Melodrama do not look at all, because I'm even more depressed.

  • I advise you to see a life-affirming and kind, inspiring optimism and hope, the movie "10 steps to success". Starring Morgan Freeman. You will not regret!

  • In case you are sad and lonely, you should choose a film that suits your mood. For example, you need a drama or a thriller, you should abandon comedy or fantasy, otherwise you will spoil the impression of the film because of your mood.

  • Если скучно, грустно и одиноко нужно посмотреть позитивный фильм, который бы придал сил жить дальше и помог улыбаться каждому новому дню.

    I recommend the film "Pollyana", about a girl who, despite everything, knew how to enjoy life.

    To look, for example, it is possible here.


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