Where to go in Moscow for the winter holidays before and after the New Year 2017?

Where to go in Moscow for the winter holidays before and after the New Year 2017?

  • In Moscow for the winter holidays a lot of different activities, and for different age categories.

    • The New Year show of the Zapashny brothers will please the beautiful spectacle of the small spectators, as well as their parents in Luzhniki from 23 December to 8 January.
    • New Year performance called "Virtuoso Christmas tree"; will be held at the International House of Music from 2 on 8 January.
    • In the Cathedral of Christ the Savior from 23 December on 8 January will be possible to visit the Christmas tree.
    • Fans of circus performances are waiting for the circus on Vernadsky Avenue with the program "Snow Queen".
  • New Year's events in the new 2017 year will be as always unforgettable, especially if you spend your favorite winter holidays in Moscow, in the Russian capital.

    All immigrants and residents will be waiting for grandiose performances, which will surely remain in your memory for many years to come.

    Now outside the window, the month of October has just entered its domain and it would seem that there is still plenty of time before the New Year. But despite this already now many are in search of information where to go (?), Where to visit (?) And what to see (?) ...

    Poster New Year and New Year's events in Moscow 2016-2017 year can be found if you go through this link.

    It is on this advertising portal that each of you will find your preferences in the journey of the innovation of the New 2017 year to your taste.

  • It's not a problem to spend New Year's holidays fun and interesting in Moscow.

    If you go to Victory Park, there will be presented a model of the capital of ice: ice sculptures - up to 5 meters, there will be a highlight, you can see the ring road with cars.

    From December 23 on 10 January there is also planned a festival with folk festivals, fire shows, traditional "taking a snow town".

    In the Gorky Park will be held fairs, it will be possible to go skating. Similarly - and at VDNH: fair from 18 December to 10 January, ice rink, museums, fairy-tale house.

    The Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve organizes New Year's events for young children (5-12 years).

    In the parks of the capital will be familiar to the citizens ski trails, ice slides.

    In all districts of Moscow there will be excursions (Izmaylovsky Park, Zelenogradsky Park, Bitsevsky and Matveyevsky forests, Arkhangelskoe-Tyurikovo manor, Terletskiy forest park, Kuzminki, Birulyovsky dandropark, Nezhinskaya floodplain).

    It will be interesting to visit Kolomna - holiday programs, excursions.

    Circus performances will be held along the streets of the city.

    At the same time, on the New Year's Eve, residents and guests of the city will be offered different entertainment events on Red Square (a free concert of pop performers, ice skating, a Christmas tree), Poklonnaya Hill (Christmas tree, salute), Victory Park, Gorky Park (march of Grandfather Morozov and Snegurochek, the largest skating rink in the city), VDNKh, in Vatutinki will be a New Year's masquerade.

  • Many people like to come to big cities and celebrate this holiday there. And in Moscow there is really what to choose from. This is a huge number of museums and theaters. Plus rollers and new premiere films. And here are the other activities:

    Where to go in Moscow for the winter holidays before and after the New Year 2017?

  • New Year holidays in Moscow, of course, are not forgotten. Pre-holiday efforts begin with visiting Christmas fairs, which open in the twentieth of December 2016 year. You can have a great time in Moscow's city and water parks. Visiting a small cafe in the center of Moscow will not burden you much, and you can get lots of fun.

    How to spend a weekend holiday in Moscow, see the link here.

    On the Yandex Playbill you can choose a play in the theater, and children can be reduced to a musical performance, you can choose a fairy tale on this page.

    After the New Year, go to Tsaritsyno, there are guided tours with themed evenings.

    Here you can see the map and the ice rink schedule in Moscow. Now it is very convenient in parks, you can not drink skates without drinking hot tea, and in January ice shows will be held in parks and ice palaces. if you go with children, it is better to go to the park, if together, then you should definitely look at the architectural monuments, in winter they look very festive and solemn.

  • The most interesting and exciting events in Moscow for the holidays will be such a number that no vacation really is not enough to visit them all 🙂

    One of the most vivid impressions of New Year's Moscow can undoubtedly be a visit to the ballet "The Nutcracker"; in the Bolshoi Theater - what could be more atmospheric? 🙂 But if you are not a fan of the theater, then perhaps you will be impressed by the ice show or the circus extravaganza of the Zapashny brothers in Luzhniki.

    Where to go in Moscow for the winter holidays before and after the New Year 2017?

  • Moscow is the capital of Russia, it's just a huge city. So it's hard to read all the events that will be held in the city on New Year's Eve. In fact, in each park and in every square there will be a celebration of the New 2017 year. There will be fairs, several skating rinks will be opened, folk festivals and concerts.A the Moscow theaters will show New Year fairy-tale performances for children and adults.

    For example, in the Victory Park there will be an exhibition of ice sculptures. On Manezhnaya Square a Christmas tree will be installed and an ice hill will be built.

    In the Central Department Store there will be a New Year's Fair and a bazaar where you can choose gifts for relatives and friends.

    More information about all events and dates of their holding can be found here.

    Where to go in Moscow for the winter holidays before and after the New Year 2017?

  • Of course, there are a lot of options. It can be a club (a luxurious program is guaranteed in the club quot; 16 tonsquot ;, quot; Solyankaquot ;, quot; Arma 17quot; and others), a good restaurant with live music or a musical institution, such as a karaoke club.

    I, for example, liked the description of the restaurant quot; Clouds & quot ;; and "The Roof". You just imagine to celebrate the New Year almost in the open air! Is it not beauty?

    Where to go in Moscow for the winter holidays before and after the New Year 2017?


    If you do not get to these restaurants, then you can pay attention to the restaurant quot; Conservatory ". Prices, in principle, the same.

    Just look at the restaurant quot; Amigo Miguelquot;, a very good program will be in a restaurant with an unusual name quot; Gusyatnikoff;).

    Be sure to visit the Christmas tree on Red Square and do not be lazy to go to the ice rink. Last year in VDNH was just great. Sparrow Hills - this place is also very popular with Muscovites and guests of the city. Here, too, will be a smart Christmas tree.

    I think that the New Year will present a lot of surprises, but much depends on us. Therefore, consider your program for celebrating this wonderful holiday in advance.

  • The New Year's Eve can be celebrated in a wide company of people on Red Square. For many years, New Year celebrations have been held on Poklonnaya Hill, VDNKh, in Gorky Park, you can also go to Tsaritsyno:

    Before and after the new year, a fair will be held at VDNKh

    Where to go in Moscow for the winter holidays before and after the New Year 2017?

    In the Victory Park will be a festival, the opening date of December 23 will last until 10 January:

    Where to go in Moscow for the winter holidays before and after the New Year 2017?

    To contrast with the cold winter, you can dip into the hot "summer"; and it is not necessary for this to buy a ticket abroad, it will be enough to take a swimsuit and go to the water park, where you can have a good time skating with slides. Especially water entertainment like children.

  • As usual, there will be many different events for the New Year, especially for children.

    Here are some of them:

    • from 23 December on 8 January New Year shows of Zapashny brothers will be held, which will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. Location: Olympic complex "Luzhniki".
    • from 2-th on 8-I January in the International House of Music musical performances for all family will take place. The title of the performance is "The Virtuoso Christmas Tree". The price of tickets from 1000 to 3500.
    • from 23 December on 8 January will be Christmas trees in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Ticket price: from 1600 to 5000.
    • from 17-th December on 29-February in the circus on Vernadsky Avenue there will be performances called "Snow Queen". The price of tickets from 600 to 5000 rubles.
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