What payments are made at the birth of the third child in 2015 year?

What payments are made at the birth of the third child in 2015 year?

  • I will supplement some previous answers. In addition to mandatory federal payments (here already listed), many regions pay additional. I agree that the amount paid from the federal budget is small, but what is paid from the regional budget: So, the surcharge for the third child in the regions:

    • Moscow Region - 30000
    • St. Petersburg - 35800
    • Altai Territory - 50000 + plot of land
    • Kaliningrad region - 10000
    • Lipetsk region. - 50000
    • Nizhny Novgorod region - 25000

    In other areas, payments are not so significant, but there is an unequivocal leader - the Pskov region. There for the third child is paid already 100000 rubles.

  • The state, in general, quite reasonably encourages citizens to give birth to the third child - it has imposed duties on stimulating the birth rate on local self-government bodies. Each mother, whose baby turns out to be the third on the account, will receive the state benefit in 14 497 rub, and also up to one and a half years can expect to receive benefits in 5 436 rub. (or more - depends on the salary), and all that exceeds the stipulated, the region pays out.

  • In order to stimulate the birth rate, our state pays for the birth of the third child in the family 14 497 rub. (this is a one-time payment), you can also get maternity capital (it can be spent on real estate, mother's pension or education for children). In many regions of Russia there are regional benefits and surcharges. Until 1,5, the child is paid from 5153 rubles to 17990 rubles. Another large family has a land plot by law.

  • For the second and subsequent children, our generous state pays generous rewards in order to support the birth rate. Of course, the most significant will be the amount of parent capital, taking into account the indexation in 2015, this is about 460 thousand rubles. However, with 2017, his payment will be suspended, the plan for procreation is evident. In addition, there are welfare benefits, at least it is 5153 rubles, and by decision of the regions up to 17990 rubles per month up to 1,5 years. And another one-time payment for the birth - 13741 rubles.

  • In one, you can be sure that the amount of payments will be greater, and year after year will only grow, taking into account inflation and other expenditure items. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection now holds this issue at the forefront, because the birth rate should not suffer in any way, as a result of a complex political, and as a consequence of the economic situation. Each mother has the right to the promised and guaranteed to her the amount of state aid and support. According to the information published by the Chief Pension Lawmaker and the legislator, for two thousand and fifteen years it is approximately determined that the amount of payments will be at least four hundred and fifty one thousand rubles. In other words, the sum gradually tends to half a million. Of course, this is not without complications, as not all categories of mothers fall under these benefits. We must carefully look at what periods were born and taken by the children, because the result depends on it clearly. As in previous years, capital can be spent on educating children, on improving housing conditions, as well as on raising the maternity pension, which is generally fair. In addition to the above, the payment of benefits is also established. The size and table of benefits can be found here.

  • It should be noted that in addition to a lump sum and monthly allowances, regional authorities in the field can additionally pay material assistance in the form of payments to support large families.

    Basic payments for the birth of the third child in 2014 year

    1 When installed on the account in a women's consultation, up to 12 weeks, a benefit of 515 rubles is paid. In Moscow, women with a Moscow residence permit are paid 600 rubles, if they are registered before 20 weeks

    2 At the birth of a child, a lump sum payment in 2014 was 13741 rubles

    3 Maternity capital, in 2014 year it is 429408 rubles

    4 For the third child, the amount in 2014 is set from 5153 to 17990 rubles

    here regional benefits

    In 2015, there will be an indexation of these amounts on 1,05

  • The following benefits:

    • To care for the baby until 18 months, 5 436 rub - the minimum, you will get it if you did not work. If you worked, you will get more. Per month.
    • One-time payment will be 14 497 rub.
    • Most regions have regional payments, they are even large, and somewhere even a piece of land is given for 3 child!
  • At the birth of the third child the following benefits are laid: allowance in 14 497 rubles and the second childcare allowance for a child up to one and a half years in the amount of 5 436 rubles. It certainly is not much, but at least some help to families. Although such benefits are not particularly overclocked and will have to look for additional income.

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