Www.usagc.org - who knows, is this a real chance to get a green card or ...?

Www.usagc.org - who knows, is this a real chance to get a green card or ...?

  • The site www.usagc.org offering registration for a fee for people has a doubt about the propriety, since the lottery for winning a Green card is free and once it also filled out such a questionnaire and everything was free, so it's not necessary to doubt that this site breeds people.

  • Now I’m pretty sure this is a scam. Approximately simultaneously with this question I opened the topic in several forums and here is the result of the investigation on one of them http://mbell.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3amp;t=2200 Moreover, starting from the third page, the correspondence with the real victim is already being conducted.

    And the WoT card eloquently indicates that the site administration is engaged in fraud and spamming. http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/usagc.org/comment?utm_source=addonamp;utm_contenshy;t = rw-viewsc # comment

    It's sad that all the same www.usagc.org is scam and fraud.

  • It's not like real actions. The bottom line is simply that every registered user will have such a chance, just further it will be necessary to pay money for registration of documents and money not small. I also called and offered to pay and leave!

    Already funny! Be very careful with this site and these entrepreneurs to provide services for obtaining a green card of the United States.

  • This is quot; orquot ;. It is possible that some of these sites are not just collecting money, but they are also fulfilling their obligations and sending the questionnaires collected throughout the year to the US Department of State to participate in the drawing, but it is virtually impossible to verify this.

    Therefore, to participate in the draw, it is best to send the questionnaire to the drawing commission on time. It should be noted that participation in the lottery is free, the official lottery site is http://dvlottery.state.gov/, and questionable sites are easy to identify by domain. (.gov - government domain, exclusively for US government agencies)

    Some tips for self-filling and sending questionnaires for participation in the lottery can be seen here, for example.

  • I checked this resource and to be honest here everything is obvious to me.

    There is no chance to get a green card at all.

    This site is a scammer, even an antivirus immediately blocks a couple of virus sources.

    This site is engaged in sending out spam so do not download.

  • Judging by the feedback of many users of the site, this is another "scam", which lures money from you, offering a tempting prospect, but then you will not receive any information about further promotion of your application.

  • This site should not be trusted. Ordinary collection of small monetary investments under the guise of assistance in completing the questionnaire and further conducting the case.

    But such an active site representatives do only in the beginning, then quietly eliminated without any explanation.

  • The US State Department annually conducts a lottery called the Green Card, that is, a green card, residents of certain countries can submit their applications for this lottery program and the winners have a real chance to live and work in the US and subsequently become citizens of the United States. Annually 55 000 lottery Green Card gives a chance to live and work in the US.

    There are many websites that allegedly offer their paid brokerage services for filling out the Green Card lottery, but it's best to fill out the questionnaire yourself, because there is nothing complicated in this.

  • usagc.org this resource offers everyone to participate in the paid lottery, if you become a lucky person - your documents will be sent to the US State Department to consider your candidacy for receiving a green card on preferential terms. However, in fact, you will have to pay a small amount, but in the end you will not get anything, since no one will want to return money for the rendered service.

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