How many series and seasons in the series "Plaque" (Russia), where to watch online?

How many series and seasons in the series "Plaque" (Russia), where to watch online?

  • The Russian TV series "Plaque", the adaptation of the French Braquo project, was included in the list of the prime prime ministers of the autumn of 2016. His premiere will be held on November 21 on Channel One.

    Only the first season of the series has been shot (the French are already finishing shooting the fourth season).

    The episode is intense, the viewer will be interested in the continuation. The director of the series Karen Hovhannisyan has so far told about the 90 series of the series.

  • On the number of episodes and especially the seasons in the Russian version of the French crime series quot; Plaque / Braquoquot; until it is reported.

    The original series consists so far of two seasons on 8 series each (total 16 series).

    Release of the Russian version on the air of the First Channel is planned already in 2014-that year.

    Watch then online will be available both on the site of the First here, so later on This movie resource.

  • Crime drama, TV series "Nalt". The Russian TV series began filming at the beginning of this year, 2016, and the creators hope and schedule the completion of the summer shootings. While there will be one season. It is still too early to talk about the continuation, but it is possible to assume with certainty that the continuation will continue.

    But how many will be the series at the output of the first season, while under the veil of suspense is. The director of the TV series Karen Hovhannisyan (TV series "Klim"). The composition of the actress looks very attractive. We will look at the "First"; channel of our television.

    In the original history of French bottling, the work on the film is now continuing in its fourth season.

    Watch online. Now there is a French original film.

    The series "Nutt";

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