How many episodes in the series "Forester"?

How many episodes in the series "Forester"?

  • Forester 48 series. The director of the series is Vladimir Vinogradov. Shoot will be in the series Alexander Turcan, Marina Kazankova, Ruslan Spoyalo, Maria Viktorova and so on. You can watch here. Coming soon and 2 season of the series.

  • In the series "The Forester"; all was removed 48 series. The series was released in 2011-2012 year. The series on the genre of detective story, tells about a forester who lives in the village, it seems, the former commando, although I do not remember looking in the plane a couple of episodes.

  • How many episodes in the series "The Forester"?

    Premiere of the series "Forester"; was held 4 April 2011 year on the NTV channel. Since that moment, they shot another season of the premiere of which 25 March 2013 also started on TNV channel.

    This is a Russian crime series about a former spetsnaz soldier who got a job as a forester and, together with his like-minded people, investigates poaching and other criminal cases.

    In the lead role in the series played - Oleg Stefanko

    in the first season of the series "The Forester"; - 48 series

    in the second season of the series "The Forester"; - 48 series

  • At the current time on the screen 2 season TV series "Forester";. Officially announced for April 2013 year-in 2 seasons 96 series (exactly in 48 series in each season). The show is on screens since April 2011. There is already information that they plan to start shooting and 3 Season, which will also be 48 series, as in the first two seasons.

    Total, in total it is a question of three seasons in which there will be 144 series.

  • On the discs for some reason 32, although we have already viewed 38 on the Internet (in our website alone, in others on 12), the new ones have not been found yet and I do not know whether they will appear. Not Santa Barbara from such a good series to do.

  • In the series Lesnik, the first season was filmed 48 series. The series was released 4 April 2011 year (NTV).

    In the series Lesnik 2 season, which was filmed Mostelefilm commissioned by NTV, also 48 series. New series will be shown already from 25 March 2013 on NTV.

    Благодаря Олегу Штефанко, исполнителю главной роли, сериал полюбился зрителям, хотя сюжет весьма незамысловат.

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