How to create a virtual mobile number for SMS reception?

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How to create a virtual mobile number for SMS reception?

  • Nowadays it is not safe to publish your real phone number. But you can create a virtual number for making SMS, it's free. Use the free Pinger server.

    Take advantage and you should succeed. Good luck.

  • Here you can create a phone from which you can also call and receive calls

  • virtual mobile number

    You can create a virtual mobile number to receive SMS messages. There are many services on the Internet where you can create a virtual mobile number, here are some of them

  • New service sms activations - low prices for activation and rent of rooms, high speed of arrival sms.

    Available Russian, German and British virtual numbers for rent for SMS.


  • You can create a virtual mobile number of any country by paying the money on this site. If you just need to confirm once, that you are a real person, then I advise you to use this service. There everything is simple, choose the number you need, you insert it and send it to the window for verification, and wait for the reciprocal SMS.

  • For example here

  • I want to recommend this service, it's also paid, but it's cheap, it works well and often helps me out when I do not want to shine my phone number. The service is Russian, everything is intuitively understandable, it is convenient to replenish with Yandex or Webmoney.

  • On the Internet I found a website about google voice (virtual Google) virtual American number:


    here there are SMS for receiving messages

  • You can also connect a virtual number to yourself, you will then have a private office where you can both receive and send SMS messages and do not shine your number. At most there is such virtual number and very much it is happy with them. I often use it for sms mailings or confirmations of registrations on different foreign services.

  • You will need a virtual mobile number if:

    you need to create a mass mailing of SMS messages,

    you need to receive bulk SMS messages.

    Portals serving such online numbers are mass. Here is one of them:

    How to create a virtual mobile number for SMS reception?

    Instructions for use

    How to create a virtual mobile number for SMS reception?

  • I asked in due time a similar question about how to register VKontakte without specifying your phone number. In order to do this, you need to use some free service to receive SMS online. I wrote there answer, where he listed a number of similar services. I will not repeat them here.

    Service, which I used, very elementary - choose a number, specify it and wait for it to come SMS.

  • New service sms activations - low prices for activation and rent of rooms, high speed of arrival sms.

    Available Russian, German and British virtual numbers for rent for SMS.


  • My first answer was deleted, I accidentally linked to the wrong site.

    Here (the link is fixed), you can create a virtual toll-free number for receiving sms.

    This is very important, because in modern times to publish your real phone number is very dangerous.

    I had such a case. The number was given, so then a paid service, Body-2, was connected to it and they filmed 20-30 rubles a day without my knowledge. Horror! Now I miss the real phone number.

    By the way, if we talk about Vkontakte, then for some reason I trust them. They do not have the power to use the user numbers, because otherwise they will lose potential visitors and users.

  • Only that I found in the internet information that there is a group vkontakte, called the group: Google Voice + American virtual number.

    Now I have an American phone number for calls and sms. It's good that there are kind people. Maybe you need this information.

  • To create a virtual number for SMS, you need to register on the site offering such a service. For example, SMS-center This service is paid, but reliable. Checked, Sun works. With the help of this site it is possible to organize mass SMS sending.

  • You can use the free Pinger service. At the same time, you can get a free virtual mobile number in the US (when you choose, you can specify the state of interest). Receiving and sending SMS messages is carried out using a fairly convenient web interface. If the number is idle for more than 30 days, the number "quot; is freed";

  • You can create the virtual number yourself. But for this, you still need a real sim card and some programming skills.

    Here for example on here tell in detail how to create a VoIP-GSM gateway using a normal 3G modem. But for this, as I said, certain skills are needed.

    There are more simple options, for example the same GoIP. Here on the hare they told me what and how. This is also true if the costs are justified, since the locks are not the cheapest pleasure.

    Also on different services, numbers for receiving sms are divided into two types: a virtual number and a real number. Virtual number - these are numbers that do not have real SIM cards. In Russia, there are no such numbers, most often they are found in advanced technological countries (USA, EU). On such numbers it is difficult to receive sms from services, since filters can stand either on the operator's side of this number or on the sender's side (there are triggers for which the sender-service can determine the virtual SIM card, or real one). A real number is a classic SIM card inserted into a gateway (for example, one of the above). Here already the service-sender does not recognize your whether this is a SIM card or one of hundreds inserted into an SMS gateway.

    Services like or offer mostly public numbers. Where incoming SMS can be seen by all visitors to the site. But for that it's free.

    There are paid services where you can get a room for individual use and for a long period. This will be more secure if you use it for registration in payment services or social networks (if the account needs a long time). For example, this service has more than 30 countries to choose from (although there are virtual and real numbers). Sometimes there are actions, and if you need to receive SMS only once, you can give free of charge.

    So it all depends on your needs and capabilities.

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