What is the most advantageous tariff plan for Kyivstar for 2016 year?

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What is the most advantageous tariff plan for Kyivstar for 2016 year?

  • The optimal tariff for each person is different, so I suggest you visit the official website, namely the section tariffs. And choose individually for yourself, the tariff that best suits you, for example, if you use the Internet actively on your smartphone, then the "quot; For smartphonequot;

  • The most optimal tariff plan for the company is "Kyivstar"; - with a subscription fee 55 UAH per month with unlimited calls within the network, free Internet, calls to other operators' phones at the rate of 60 kopecks per minute.

    Alternatively, you can choose the same option in the tariff of your region, if your region is connected to it (for example, for the south of Ukraine there is an analog with a cheaper subscription fee).

  • The leader in the Ukrainian market is the company "Kyivstar"; constantly updates its tariff plans. Will get acquainted with the tariffs of the operator "Kievstar"; can be on the official website of the company.

    I myself do not use any special tariff. The house is connected to the "Home Internet"; from Kyivstar and under the terms of the package, the money listed as payment for the Internet is transferred as bonuses to its card "Kievstar", for a month there is enough. I forgot when I filled in the account with the operator.

  • Determine which tariff operator "quot; Kiev starquot; the best, should each for himself, as well as the tariffs of other operators. This operator always offers various profitable rates, but to each his own. For example, there is one that Allo, Quarter, will approach, but for some it does not fit. Therefore, everyone can view and select their tariff on this site.

  • Kyivstar every year tries to please its customers, providing favorable conditions for calls, on the network, outside the network or the Internet.

    Each subscriber must choose a tariff himself, depending on preferences, as well as phone models.

    For example, for 55 hryvnia monthly fee for smartphones provide the following services - calls in the operator's network are unlimited, 0,60 cents worth a minute of talking with other operators, the Internet - 500 mb.

    If in the preferences one calls, then you can replenish for 50 hryvnia, there will be all the above conditions, except the Internet (50 mb).

    To familiarize with all offers it is possible on an official site of company Kyivstar.

  • Kyivstar from year to year pleases its subscribers with favorable tariffs and numerous shares. By 2016, several profitable new tariffs have appeared, with which you can call and talk as much as you want with other Kyivstar subscribers, because in new tariffs: quot; for smartphone; and quot; for smartphone + quot; calls within the network are absolutely free, also in the external network 0.60 hryvnia / minute and free 60 minutes every month, respectively. In the tariff quot;; for smartphonequot; Every month 500 Mb is allocated for Internet use, and "for smartphone +"; are given already 1500 mb!

    As a result, we have two rather profitable tariff plans, the price of which is as follows:

    quot; For smartphonequot; - 25 UAH / month

    quot; For a smartphone + quot; - 40 UAH / month.

  • The tariff for calls for 35 hryvnia per month allows you to call other operators' phones for 0, 60 hryvnia per minute and send 50 sms for 1 UAH. You can subscribe this tariff, see here. And to make calls and the Internet, it is better to choose a traffic for 55 UAH per month. Ineta give 500 MB. see here.

    For the same tariff for smartphones it is proposed to call

    What is the most advantageous tariff plan for Kyivstar for 2016 year?

    Here you need to determine what you need more. you need the Internet, then it's better to choose the second option, and if you call more, then choose the first tariff.

    And for the Internet it's better to take Internet packages, then it will be even cheaper to go out on money. For example, quot; Turbo-3Gquot ;.

  • Choose the most profitable tariff each should for himself, considering only his personal needs.

    You can choose the rate that suits you on the official website.

    Personally, I liked two fare.

    • if the Internet you are of little interest, then you can choose the package "For calls," it will cost 35 UAH. per month.
    • if you are more interested in the Internet than calls, then choose the package "For smartphonequot ;, it will cost 55 UAH. per month.

  • Personally, I would be approached by a tariff that does not provide for any subscription fees, however, it was not possible to find those on the official site of Kyivstar, so you need to choose the most profitable tariff, considering your own needs. If you plan to use the Internet on the phone not very actively, you can choose the tariff quot; For calls; (35 UAH per month), if the Internet is needed, then you can choose the tariff quot; For a smartphone; (55 UAH per month), etc.

  • Like any other operator, at "Kyivstar"; there are different tariff plans. Which one is better - everyone chooses for himself.

    For example, there is a profitable tariff plan "For calls". Its cost is 35 UAH per month, you can make unlimited calls. Calls to other network numbers will cost 0,6 UAH per minute. In this case, you are given 50 MB of the Internet.

    Another tariff plan costs 50 UAH per month.

    For calls to other network numbers, you are given 60 minutes. Also there is 50 mb internet.

    There is a tariff "For smartphones", all inclusive. This rate will cost you 95 UAH per month. Internet while you will have 1,5 GB. This tariff is the most rated.

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