Who was the last emperor of Russia?

Who was the last emperor of Russia?

  • The last in positions of the emperor of the All-Russian was Nikolay Aleksandrovich Romanov (Nicholas II). In this position, he worked with 20 October (1 November on a new style) 1894 year on 2 (15) March 1917.

    Nicholas II abdicated for himself and his young son in favor of Mikhail Alexandrovich, who did not join the office. But some historians believe him to be the last emperor of Russia.

    If we consider not posts, but titles, then the question of the last emperor of Russia is rather controversial. So Mikhail Alexandrovich from birth was called the Grand Prince with the title Imperial Highness.

    Nicholas II already had 2 sisters, Grand Duchesses: Xenia Alexandrovna (1875 - 1960) and Olga Alexandrovna (1882 - 1960). Xenia had children: a daughter and 6 sons. And her husband was Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich, the grandson of Nicholas I. So their children were of royal blood and could bear the title of his Imperial Highness. Olga's children did not belong to the royal blood, because her husband was a simple nobleman.

    In 1924 year in emigration Grand Duke Cyril (grandson of Alexander II), proclaimed himself emperor of Russia. The living Empress Maria Fyodorovna (Alexander's wife) did not agree with this above all. Since then, there has been a split in the remnants of the Romanovs' house.

    Today there is a descendant of the Romanov family - George Mikhailovich Romanov (born in 1981 year). At birth he received the title of His Imperial Highness. Some monarchists consider him the heir to the throne.

    More details can be found in the literature or on Online.

    I also answered a similar question here.

  • The last emperor of Russia was Nikolai II (Romanov), whose rule was cut due to the revolution that occurred in 1917 year. Nikolai with his family and closest associates were shot in 1918 in Yekaterinburg.

  • The last emperor of Russia was Nikolay II

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