Can a labor pension be less than a social pension?

Can a labor pension be less than a social pension?

  • The social pension is paid to the disabled, in case of loss of the breadwinner to underage citizens, for old age, if the work experience is less than 5 years. A labor pension is paid if the work experience exceeds 5 years.

    Of course, social pension can be higher than labor, the role here is now played by factors such as total work experience, the size of "white"; salary, but it is not always great.

  • Unfortunately, a working pension can be less than a social pension if you have a small amount of experience. The idea is to pay the difference. You can also apply to the Pension Fund of Russia with a statement on the choice of the pension which is more. Since 1 April 2014 year, the average social pension in the Russian Federation is 7500., And labor 11600r.

  • Labor pension may well be less than social pension if the length of service is very small. But at the same time there is an opportunity if you want to go to that pension, which is more. To do this, you just need to write an application to the PF.

  • It may well be this, because if the work experience is not high, and the salary was not high, and in connection with the new formula, a working pension can be generally penny, it is easier then to transfer to a social pension, it is in any case calculated by the pension fund regardless of length of service and salary.

  • Of course it can not, the main criterion of a labor pension is work experience, and social means only the disabled age.

  • The labor pension may well be much lower in payment than the social pension. It depends on several factors. First of all from the experience. If the service is minimal then the amount of payments will be minimal. And the size of the social pension is calculated by the pension fund unchanged and is indexed every year.

  • Let's figure out what a working pension is

    Can a labor pension be less than a social pension?

    Social pension is provided for citizens who do not have the right to a labor pension. This pension is paid not only for old age, but also for disability and in case of loss of the breadwinner. Of course, the social disability pension will be greater than for those who did not work pensioners (almost twice).

    From 1-th April 2014 year and labor and social pensions will be indexed.

    Can a labor pension be less than a social pension?

  • If you have a small work experience or not a "white"; the labor pension can be less than the social one and in that case it is more profitable to switch to the social pension by applying to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, there write the application for transfer.

  • Yes, this situation is quite possible to be, if a person has very little work experience. True, any citizen of the Russian Federation who has a small retirement pension can switch to a social one, but he can receive it no earlier than 60 years (women) and 65 years (men) - called quot; old-age pension; ” Here is the material on this topic.

    And now, with the introduction of a new formula for calculating pension accruals and the so-called retirement points (which may not be enough to calculate the labor pension), people with low wages, in the process, except for a social pension, count on nothing else they can not ...

  • At the moment in Russia, this may be the development of events, such as the excess of the size of the social pension of the size of the working pension. Moreover, no one has indicated whether it is a question of minimum indicators or all about how it can be at all. In any case, if the amount of pension payments is lower than the subsistence minimum, then the state compensates for the difference.

  • Let's analyze what is labor and what social pensions are.

    Labor pension is a pension for length of service. When a man and a woman reach a certain age and have the right to go on a well-deserved pension and then pay a pension (according to the official salary and the number of years worked).

    Social pension is a disability pension. That is, when a person has limitations in his work. There are three groups of disabilities. Working, partial working and non-working. According to the group, a person either works or does not receive a pension.

    This pension depends only on the group and nothing more.

    Labor pension can be small (less than social). After all, this pension depends only on the person (from the length of service and the official salary (the transfers go to the pension fund) .And if the length of the service is small and the deductions were small, then the pension will be small.

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