Learning to love others

It's hard to find someone who does not want to love and be loved. From the ability to experience and give this feeling depends, are we happy or alone or suffocate from prolonged relationships. This desperate situation, as well as life and destiny, can change everyone who learns to awaken love in his heart.

When we love, we mentally send our desires to the person, we try to penetrate into his heart - that is, we influence him on the non-material level. But love is different: sensual, passionate; and platonic; and conjugal, which includes compliance; and maternal; and unconditional, when you love not for something, but simply because this person is; and divine, to all living beings. Depending on the nature and strength of our feelings, we either fill the "object" of love with pure light, or, persistently and stubbornly demanding reciprocity, emptying, exhausting it. To prevent self-destruction, as well as to develop a benevolent, open attitude to people and to life will help exercise, meditation and prayers aimed at the awakening of inner love.

Exercise 1 - awareness of love

Sitting or lying relax. Remember the inner state when you sincerely loved (parents, children, animals, flowers, etc.). Feel how memories expand and fill your chest with joy and delight. You want to cry and laugh at the same time, hug the whole earth. Imagine that you are filled inside with love - pink (or green, light green, white) light. Mentally recreate the image of a person with whom you would like to share the power of your love. From the spiritual heart, the center of the soul, direct pink rays (clouds, flowers, balls, pigeons) to the area of ​​its chest, but in no case is it a powerful stream: it can harm - crush or penetrate a person's aura, and forcibly do not love will. Feel whether he has accepted your gift or rejected, absorbed or held it by his side. Tell me mentally: "I love and respect you. Peace to your soul. " Stay in the state of such a connection for a few minutes, then quietly let go, dissolve the image standing in front of you in the white, shining light of the Holy Spirit.

Image of the Holy Spirit

Light rays can be easily directed to those you love, of whom it is pleasant to remember. It is much more difficult to share love with those about whom you think with resentment, bitterness, anxiety, shame, irritation. But try to learn this, then the subtle structures of an unpleasant person will catch your kind attitude, resonate and never harm you. Therefore, it is so important to send love even to those whom you consider your enemies. Gradually, you will be freed from negative emotional blocks and eventually transform negative energies into joy, pacification and love. The rays of love can be sent not only to living people, but also to the souls that have gone to another world, as well as animals, plants, stones adorning your jewelry, the sun, the earth - in short, everything that exists in the universe.

NB. If you have a difficult conversation, do this exercise in the evening and in the morning. The effect will increase if you imagine that the rays of love coming from you -
the continuation of the flow of Divine energy: the power of God enters through the top of your head with sunlight, his Love fills you from the top down, merges with your pink glow in the chest, and radiates to everything around, including the particular person.

Over time, this exercise can be expanded. Imagine that you are filled with the power of Divine love to such an extent that light radiates from all parts of your body, skin, chakras, the whole aura. You become a huge pink sun, the rays of which warm, fill with the life and love of the healthy and sick, the poor and the rich, friends and enemies, etc. In this state of oneness with all beings, you can share the energy of love with earth, nature, with planets, The universe. You will feel the answer from outside, and the more you give, the more you will receive.

Exercise 2 - get rid of the negative

Relax and calm down, breathe slowly. Imagine how white light fills you through the crown and leaves into the ground, and then illuminates the entire space around (up, down, behind, ahead, left, right) about a radius of 3 meters. Stay 2-3 mins in this state, fill with light, wish peace and health to all cells of your body, heart, aura. Then imagine a person who offended you, and which you can not fall in love with. Fill the space around it with the same white glow of the Holy Spirit. Look into the eyes of the offender and mentally or out loudly tell him everything that has been boiling up to you. If from this "pair" of negative emotions both yours and its glow weaken, again fill yourself and the person in front of the white light. And only when you both shine like two suns, say aloud three times: "I wish you what you most lack now." Try to say it sincerely. Then wish peace and love to his peace and soul.

When you master this exercise, it can be supplemented: after a three-fold wish, imagine that a person already has what he lacks. For example, if he is sick, see him absolutely healthy, laughing, in a flowering garden or engaged in some kind of sport. If a person does not have enough recognition, imagine him on the stage where he is awarded a prize, praise and applaud, etc. This exercise will not only help you get rid of jealousy, condemnation and aggression, but will change your whole life and attitude to you around.

Meditation - helping health and soul

For many people, due to certain circumstances and emotional trauma, the heart center contracts. Tension, fear, anxiety prevent our love from coming out, blocking the flow of Divine energy. Unblock the heart, open, relax the heart center and let the light of love radiate outwardly help a little meditation.

Meditation is good for the health and soul

Sit down or lie down, calm down, relax. Close your eyes and focus on the middle of your chest. Feel the heart how huge the space is inside you. Do not listen to the blows of the physical heart - listen to the beating of the spiritual heart, where peace, peace, love, light and harmony reign. This is your point of awareness, through which all feelings pass. Try to feel that there is something deep in the chest. You can see the light, the haze - pink, green, white, yellow. But do not be distracted by considering the color - just breathe deeply and slowly, directing your breath into the heart center without tension, without thoughts. In a few minutes, kindly ask the heart to talk with you, share your pains and problems. Sit 5-10 mins. calmly and listen to yourself. Maybe not with the first meditation, but the heart will certainly begin to be freed from emotions, desires, memories, fears, pain. You will feel a strong surge of emotions (positive or negative), before your inner gaze can sweep pictures from the past, breathing may become difficult. Do not be frightened by this state: it quickly passes. Be patient, because in this way there is a release from experiences and emotional traumas (children's ones in particular). Let the negative pass through you and release it, without analyzing or judging anything. Whatever your heart throws up, be grateful to him. When the center clears (this can take months of classes), you will feel the silence and calm inside you. You will always have a good mood, will appear cheerful, and you can easily express feelings, give your love to everything that surrounds you.

Help open your heart and prayers for Love: "Soften our wicked hearts, O Virgin Theotokos, and the adversaries of those who hate us, extinguish, and resolve all the closeness of our soul. On your holy image look, by your suffering and mercy, we are touched by our wounds and our wounds are kissed, our arrows, which are tormenting, are terrified. Do not give us, Mathi the Blessed, in our hardness of heart and from the hardness of our neighbors will perish and. You are really afraid of angry hearts softening "(prayer to the" Mother of God of the Seven Sisters ", moreover, it is recommended to read the prayers" About the multiplication of love "," To Boris and Gleb about appeasing the peace "," To soften the evil hearts ").

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