Secrets of the egg - the main symbol of Easter

The main element of Easter is traditionally the egg - a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the triumph of life over death.
Many know the biblical story that Mary Magdalene, for lack of rich gifts, offered the emperor Tiberius a chicken egg with the words "Christ is Risen!". In confirmation of the truthfulness of her words, the egg blushed. So there was a tradition for Easter to paint eggs in red - the color of life. But gradually began to use colored dyes and not only them. The Easter egg is an object of inexhaustible creativity. The swing is huge: from simple, dyed onion husks of eggs, to skilful pysankas and masterpieces of the jeweler Faberge.homemade eggs of krashenki for easter Eggs as a symbol of Easter
And what else do we know about the egg?
- From the ancient myths of different tribes and peoples, including the Slavs, the idea of ​​the creation of the world from the Cosmic Egg. In mythology, an egg that emerges from nowhere or is carried away by a mythical being, becomes the source of life on earth. Traditions of this kind are numerous. Inside the egg, everything necessary was concluded that would ever be created.
- The egg presents us the image of the universe. A fragile shell is a celestial vault. Egg white symbolizes the waters of the World Ocean, washing the planet, and the yolk - the Earth itself.

- The egg is an indispensable attribute of the holiday of the vernal equinox, the commemoration of the victory of spring over winter, light over darkness, awakening and the revival of nature. There is a beautiful and sad legend about the Phoenix bird, which annually perished under the hot rays of the spring sun and on the ashes, burning to ashes, leaving the egg to reborn again.
- The shape of the egg is associated with male testicles - seed testicles, capable of creating a new life. And the cell that gives life is called the egg.

The symbol of Easter in fairy tales

- The theme related to the egg is very popular in the literature. Everyone read a fairy tale about a chicken Ryaba, who presented a golden egg to the old people, about Koshchey the Immortal, whose life was stored on the tip of a needle hidden in an egg, a story about Gulliver's adventures with an endless war between the Lilliput States due to an empty dispute on which end to properly break the egg. In the folklore in the form of gold and silver eggs, the sun and moon were represented.

- Earlier the egg served as a medicine. Preserved many recipes of folk medicine with the use of eggs.

- The egg was used in magic, they were protected from evil spells, wore as an amulet, they were told about them. A gift in the form of a golden and silver egg - the desire for health, wealth and good luck.

- The shape of the egg inspires architects to create original buildings. And in the old days the vaults of churches, domes of churches, even the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, as well as traditional dwellings - yurts, resembled the shape of an egg.

Impact of eggs on architects
- The egg was added to the building mix, which gave the buildings and structures the strength of the monolith, because there was not cement at that time.

Eggs are used not only as a symbol of Easter
- The eggs were made from tempera, which served as a link between the paints.

- Egg is an excellent tool for face and hair care. It is used as masks, shampoos.

Eggs for Easter - cook differently
- And how many culinary recipes invented from eggs - do not count!
Here it is, an egg, at first glance an inexpensive and ordinary product, but you will get a better look - meaningful and priceless!

Easter eggs for the beloved

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