When, why and how is Trinity conducted

A festive event - the Trinity - is celebrated on Sunday (on the fiftieth day after Easter). And it turns out that the date passes every year, as well as the Easter resurrection. On this day, an important event occurred: the Holy Spirit visited the apostles (after the moment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ). The people say that the Earth has a birth on the day of the Trinity. And, according to custom, it's necessary to land everything in the ground. This year, the day of Easter, and hence the Trinity, will occur earlier. Folk customs pass from generation to generation.

Trinity Holiday

Pentecost (Trinity) is an important church holiday. By a double name, one can say that the origins of this holiday come from a distant past. If you look at the Slavic traditions, the day of the Trinity was considered a border between spring and summer. On this holiday there were many pagan rituals. For example, it remains a tradition to decorate the temple and dwelling with birch branches on the Trinity.

Among Orthodox believers it is customary to say that there has been a church revival. In the old scriptures it is told about an unusual case: the utterances in different languages ​​of sermons by the apostles. Peter touched the hearts of listeners and then many went to Baptism. In the Trinity, all Christians sprinkle dwellings and temples with fresh mown grass, flowers, branches.

Mowing grass on the Trinity

This custom has two meanings:

  1. The green branches are a symbol of the life-giving influence of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Dedication to Jesus about the beginning of the harvest and the end of spring.

How the Trinity is celebrated in different countries

Italians throw rose petals. Such an action, coming from under the dome of the Church, symbolizes that the Holy Spirit fell upon the apostles. Some Italians call the holiday "Easter of Roses". The French, when they celebrate the divine service at the Trinity, blow into the trumpets. Such a ritual symbolizes that in France they remember that there was a strong wind. And he, as told in the Bible, was present at the sign of the Holy Spirit. The English on the Trinity organize a church procession (otherwise called "Joint walk with the Spirit"). In England there is a tournament of archers. Dancing dance (the era of the revival of Athena). It is believed that if the bridegroom or the bride is not found before the Trinity, then loneliness will last for the whole year.

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