How many people are in the battalion, division, company, branch?

How many people are in the battalion, division, company, branch?

  • Division - the number of people in a division is formed based on the kind of troops and the need for personnel, approximately consists of 5000 to 20000 people, on average this is the order of 10000-12000 military personnel and civilians ...

    Battalions are different, so you can not exactly tell how many there are, for example, SMB on BTR-80 has 530 people, and on BMP-2 498 people; FRS 360400 person, and for DSB 450530 people; OBMP and OBSF about 650700 people; TB on T-72 174 rights, and motorized rifle - 213 people; OBS 200250 people; the reconnaissance battalion is about 600 people; OISB about 300 people; physicians - 157 person; chemists, repairmen, builders, commandants, as well as maintenance of airfields generally do not have a staffing table and are formed depending on the need ...

    Rota - also depends on the kind of troops, so in a motor rifle company 60-101 people; builders up to 250 people; VDV up to 80 people; tankers from 31 to 41 rights ...

    Office - as well as with the above structures, depending on the type of troops and the need for separation, from about 3 to 16 people, on average consist of 10 people ...

  • The smallest army unit is called a branch, in the department as a rule from 3 to 16 people, then the platoon goes on in size, up to 45 person, then the company, which already depends on the type of troops from 31 to 250 people. In the battalion, up to 800 people, in the regiment - two battalions, that is, up to 1600 people. The next in number is the division (10 regiments, that is, it turns out, up to 16000 people), and divisions are already forming in the army.

  • In different countries in different ways. In the Russian Federation in peacetime the number of the battalion is of the order, and in the military one can reach 800 people. In the division, depending on the kind of troops 12-24 thousand people. The size of the company and the department also depends on the country and the army. In the company an average of 180-200 people. And in the department from 3 to 15 people.

  • The division in numbers is the largest and everyone who watched the movie "Officers", in the last shots the tank division moved to a new place of service.

    The personnel of the division is not constant, the importance is of time, belonging to the state and looking at what kind of troops.

    On average, in Russian divisions from 12 to 24 thousand people. The Major-General is in command of the division. But the corps is an intermediate formation between the army and the division and is commanded by the lieutenant-general.

    The main section is the senior sergeant, sometimes a sergeant. There may be a motorized rifle department and there from 9 to 13 people. If the division belongs to another army, then the personnel of 3 are 15 people. The artillery department is called the calculation, and the tank division is the crew.

    A platoon is two, three or four compartments, and this is from 9 to 45 people. The platoon is commanded by lieutenants, seniors, juniors or simply lieutenant.

    From 2 to 4 platoons and this company, the strength of 18 is 200 people, but in tank companies is much smaller, about 30 - 35 people.

    The battalion - from 250 to 950 people, is commanded by lieutenant colonels.

    The regiment - from 900 to 2000 people, and then the brigade and there already up to 8 thousand people.

  • Battalion usually consists of an 2-4 mouth and several platoons that do not fit into any of the mouths. Battalions are tank, engineer-sapper, motorized rifle, communications). The battalion has its own headquarters. The battalion is commanded by a lieutenant-colonel. The size of the battalion varies according to the type of troops and is from 250 to 950 people, although there are battalions and according to 100 people.

    The Major-General is in command of the division. Average in the division there are 12 - 24 thousand people.

    Company - Several platoons, usually 2 - 4 platoon, sometimes more. The company commander is a captain. The number of companies from 18 to 200 people. In the motor rifle company - 130-150 person, and in the tank company - 30-35 person.

    Office. The junior sergeant or sergeant is in command of the unit. Number of motorized rifle office is 9 -13 people, And in other branches of the army - 3 - 15 human.

  • When I had to serve in the army, then in every motorized rifle department there were 11 people, commanders of offices were corporals, junior sergeants and sergeants. The platoons had three branches, that is, 11 + 11 + 11 = 33, plus the deputy platoon commander (senior sergeant) plus the platoon commander himself - a junior lieutenant, lieutenant or senior lieutenant. Total 35 people. Three platoons made up the company - 35 + 35 + 35 = 105 person, plus the company's deputy commander - lieutenant, company commander - senior lieutenant or captain, company sanitary instructor, scribe, captor, shoemaker, stoker. Total 112 people.

    But here's the mouth was in our battalion is not 3, as usual, but 4. Three companies of motorized rifles, a technical company and a mine and subversive platoon and a hozvzod. Together with all sorts of politicians, secretaries, coders came out somewhere 450 people.

  • Battalion - from 350 to 900 people

    Division - from 3 to 11 regiments (depends on the kind of troops)

    Regiment - from 200 to 2 000 people

    Rota - from 18 to 200 people (in construction units up to 250)

    Branch - from 3 to 16 people

    A stucture is the following:

    • Office
    • Platoon
    • Company
    • Battalion
    • Regiment
    • The Brigade
    • Division
    • Housing
    • Army
    • Front (district)
  • In the battalion of different countries in different ways, the numbers fluctuate around 350-900 people. The average traffic is 12000-24000. In the company, up to 200 person. In the 9-13 office, the chevovok.Vzvod contains 4 - 5 offices. Another time I repeat in every army strength different.

  • These figures vary considerably depending on the kind of troops. In conventional motorized rifle troops, as a rule, the figures are as follows:

    • in the unit - 9-10 soldiers,
    • in the platoon 3 offices - 30-33 fighter,
    • in company 3 platoon - 100 military personnel,
    • in the 3 company's battalion of companies - 3 companies - 300-350 fighters,
    • in the regiment 3 battalion - 1 000 man,
    • in the 3 division, the regiment is 3 100-3 400 people.
  • The army department consists of several servicemen. There they are from 3 to 15 people.

    In the platoon there are from 9 to 45 people.

    The company consists of several platoons (2-4). In it from 18 to 200 people.

    The battalion will be bigger than the company. In the nm from 250 to 950 people.

    The division consists of an average of 12-24 thousand people.

    The hierarchy of military formations can be read here.

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