What should I give to my godchildren for Easter?

In the Bright Resurrection of the Resurrection, the parents must visit their godchildren, tell about this Great Feast, together visit the Easter service in the church. And it is not necessary, as it is now customary, to give expensive gifts. It's bad when the godparents appear at their godchildren three times a year - at Christmas, Easter and birthday, present an expensive present and consider their task accomplished. Their mission is completely different: the spiritual upbringing of the child, teaching it to Christian virtues, including by example.
But, of course, in the Bright Resurrection of Christ you need to bring the godmothers delicious gifts - Easter cake and painted eggs. And the children will be happy if they find sweet treats in the Easter basket, especially if you give them original. We'll show you a couple of ideas.

Candy "ice cream" - Easter gift sweet tooth

Take any candies oval shaped like Easter eggs - M & Ms, candies, nuts in chocolate, - and fill them with waffle horns. Pack in a transparent cellophane or colored kraft paper and tie with a ribbon.
What to give a godson for Easter - a gift sweet tooth

Basket Ballerina - Gift for Easter for a girl

A little princess will be pleased with such an Easter basket more than her contents! To create a basket you will need a tight tulle of white and pink flowers. Cut it in wide strips, thread one end into the holes between the rods, and then it - back, but into the hole a little higher or slightly lower. Tie a knot and stretch loose ends. Well, in the basket itself, you can put anything: colored eggs, Easter cake, curd pasta, sweets, chocolate eggs, etc. Your tribe will be happy with such an Easter gift.
A gift for Easter for a girl

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