What do the sizes of bra ties 32, 34, 36 on Aliexpress mean?

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What do the sizes of bra ties 32, 34, 36 on Aliexpress mean?

  • This unit of measurement came to us from America. These figures indicate the size of the girth of the trunk under the girl's breast. Measured in inches. Inch is about 2.54 cm. Here you can easily translate these figures and choose the size that suits you.

  • The sizes of bra straps 32, 34, 36 on Aliexpress is the American standard for marking the girth under the chest. Fluctuations in size - plus or minus two centimeters.

    With a girth from 68 to 72, cm is the size of 32.

    Girth from 73 to 77 centimeters - the size of 34.

    The range from 78 to 82 cm is the size of 36.

  • In general, the more accepted sizes of a bra are the first, second, third, fourth, and the dimensions of 32, 34, 36 and A, B, C, D are used in America. As far as I understood on the website of Aliexpress the sizes of bra ties 32, 34, 36 means the volume of the chest, and the measure is one inch.

  • Decipher the size of bras on the site AliExpress is very simple, since this is the size indicated in the American format.

    A, B, C, D - these letters indicate the size of the cup (1, 2, 3, 4).

    32, 34, 36 is the volume of the chest.

    To make it clearer, use this table on which all dimensions are translated into Russian format:

  • These numbers - 32, 34, 36 indicate the size of the trunk's circumference under the chest in inches. The figure 32 corresponds to the volume under the chest 70, see Next, 34 inches - 75 cm and 36 - 80 in the more familiar measurement system.

  • This is the girth under the chest. Those. letters mean r-r cups, and number - chest girth.

  • The website of the online store Aliexpress uses American sizes. Which apply both to children's things and to adults. The sizes of a bra 32, 34, 36 mean the diameter of the girth under the chest. And when choosing the size of a bra, you need to consider other parameters. Bole can be read in detail on this site. And do not forget to read reviews about the product because the size and quality of the goods sold may differ.

  • Dimensions of bra straps - in translation into Russian, the volume under the breast. This is how many centimeters in volume will be under your breast. The dimensions of 32 are 70cm in Russian. The size of 34 is 75cm in Russian. And the size of 36 in Russian is 80cm.

  • Dimensions 32, 34, 36 mean obhvayut under the chest. About all this, you can read more on the website: http://fashiony.ru/page.php?id_n=92912. Also there it is told about all letters and other numerical values ​​that can be, they are usually applied on American online stores of bras.

  • Dimensions 32,34,36 is the volume under the breast in inches. The picture shows how to measure correctly.

    The most important thing is that the centimeter should lie flat, but not tight. You should be comfortable. In this case, the hands should be lowered downwards. By the way, most measuring tapes have inches and centimeters. If you get 31 in, your size will be 30 or 32, etc.

  • Around 1,5 months ago I ordered a bra at random with the size of the ties to 36, which corresponds to the Russian 80, received yesterday, presses a little, now I know that I need to order a little more. Thank you all for your answers. That's right, these dimensions are in inches.

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