What is the DEXP brand? Reviews? Is it worth buying?

What is the DEXP brand? Reviews? Is it worth buying?

  • The DEXP brand has come to replace the DNS brand. Since the DNS brand received a lot of negative feedback on its quality, because it was collected from any rubbish in China, it was decided to end this brand. Now from the same rubbish they produce a new trademark. Quality in my opinion has not changed, but the price has increased. The brand is different. Do not take!

  • Junk. The TV does not catch half of the digital channels. I have never seen such an uncomfortable menu. The support service is just dead. I ask - where can I find out the specifications of your device? On the official site they are not, in the manual, too. There is only a description in the internet store, but I would like to check the consistency. They are silent as partisans. I asked a couple of simple questions, so I was sent with them to the service center. Fine? In general, dare to communicate with this brand. Telecom shows, and I need it mainly as a monitor, but if I bought it as a TV, it certainly was fooled with a return.

  • The DEXP brand is the DNS branch of the DNS. It is known that not the most expensive, since the Chinese with its own filling. But not all of China is bad. People are buying. They say that it works. Longevity will be seen in fact.

  • DEXP products are mainly represented in DNS stores.

    As I noticed - some models are similar to DNS products, but have a different name, and a slightly different price. Most often the price is lower than that of DNS products. the technique of this product is in great demand, on the Internet you can find positive reviews, detailed reviews with all the pluses / minuses of the products.

    The company is new - but promising. It's worth to buy.

    And on the issue of reliability - it all depends on luck, because it does not happen that all the devices are broken in one day. Everything depends on the conditions of use, the attitude to the products.

    For example. If we want to break the screen - it will necessarily break, and if we do not want to - we'll do everything to ensure that the screen does not crash.

  • I bought a phone for my mother DEXP Larus S4. Phone keypad, 2 sim card, 2.2 screen in., 1050 mA battery, mp3, memory card, radio (even the antenna is visible), kaera 0.3 mp. Such large, wide, but light. Buttons are large - the font on the screen is also not small. It works more quickly. Of course, it's done clumsily, and the keys are not the same, and the keys themselves work differently-one tight and pressed with clinking - although others are normal-soft .A inside -t. e. the font is just like the Chinese and quite clumsy. The sound of the bell is heard in a radius of 100 meters, it will raise it brighter and brighter. And when I call my mother, it's heard some noise, not significant, but all the same ...

    Yes, of course, it's nice that our hands were attached to the creation of DEXP products. Although it seems to me that this is only a marketing move - everything is Chinese here. Absolutely everything. Only the boys from Vladivostok have somehow stuck to this brand.

    And of course you can buy. . Still can not for 30-60 thousand rubles. smartphone buy.

  • The DEXP brand has come to replace the DNS brand. They say that the DNS devices were equal in quality to their price. Those. were of low quality. But the DEXP devices, judging by some reviews and video, which tells about the brand (let it and the advertising turned out) should be with a good price-quality-filling ratio. At least the specifications of some models are quite on the level at an acceptable price. Well, in China they have learned to do quality things for a long time.

  • I managed to find out that most likely, this is just another nameplate of the trading company DNS. That is, Chinese non-goods at a minimum price, such as the electronics brand DNS.

    There is a buyer for such a product - someone prefers to buy a much more powerful laptop for the same money, without paying too much for the design and loud name of the popular brand.

  • I heard that under this brand computers and laptops of the Russian assembly are manufactured. They are sold in our city and in our regional center.

    One of my friends bought this laptop: a quad-core processor, 4 Gigabyte of RAM. He does not complain yet.

  • I will say right away the reviews about this company are positive. In all respects, these products meet modern requirements. Here is a concrete example.

    What is the DEXP brand? Reviews? Is it worth buying?

    And here is how this miracle looks

    What is the DEXP brand? Reviews? Is it worth buying?

    And since the products under this brand are entering the market, both quality and price will be preferable for buyers.

  • The company DEXP - a brand created once the DNS, later separated from it and became a separate company. Like most of the technology, tablets, laptops, monoblocks of this brand are assembled from Chinese components (with the exception of processors (most of them are made in Malaysia)). In total, the percentage of marriage is everywhere and say that this brand is better than any other. The only true statement is the price, because DEXP is quite a recent brand, they do not inflate prices. Different accessories are inexpensive. And to buy or not is the decision of everyone.

    DEXP - official site

    DEXP in DNS - video review, review

  • DEXP is a brand that is produced for the DNS Company.

    As I ran into this brand, and do not advise anyone. I bought headphones with a microphone for as many as 750 re. They worked for me exactly 1 day. When I went to change, it seems that an honest consultant was caught and told me that he does not advise anyone to buy them - 40% of the marriage, at the cost of my headphones in 200 re.

    I hardly exchanged them, looking at every scratch ... but thank God I passed it and forgot about them, like a terrible dream!

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