Express "Swallow" Moscow - Tver, schedule, ticket price?

Express "Swallow" Moscow - Tver, schedule, ticket price?

  • Express Swallow from Moscow to Tver is sent daily:

    • 5: 43;
    • 6: 37;
    • 8: 41;
    • 9: 58;
    • 15:50
    • 16: 30;
    • 18: 39;
    • 19: 45.

    Ticket price: 400 rub single, 185 preferential one-time, 87 rub. 50 cop - one time child.

    Travel time - 1 hour 40 minutes. Sent from the Leningrad Station (Moscow Leningradskaya). Here all information, including the latest increases in basic tariffs.

  • Express quot; Swallow; Tver goes from the Leningrad station in the early morning - the first express leaves at five o'clock and 10 minutes.

    Then the intervals are different, you need to study the schedule.

    The last express train from the Leningrad station departs 23 hours 25 minutes. I must say that there are nuances in different online schedules, be careful. Can see there.

    Express "Swallow" Moscow - Tver, schedule, ticket price?

    But I found a site where the changes from 12 January 2017 of the year in the schedule of this express are announced - see here.

  • High-speed comfortable train "Swallow"; runs in the direction of "Moscow (Leningradsky railway station) - Tver, through the station Kryukovo (Zelenograd).

    The train "The Swallow", moving in the direction of Tver, stops also, except for Kryukovo, in Khimki, Skhodnya, Sunflower and Klin.

    According to my calculations, according to the timetable for the high-speed train "Swallow", a train to Tver every day is sent 30 times.

    The first departure of the train at 5-10 hour from Leningradsky Station of Moscow, the next - in 5-43, then - in 5-55, and the last train from Moscow to Tver is sent to 23-25 hours.

    Full timetable for the departure of the train quot; Lastochkaquot; Moscow-Tver can be viewed here.

    The cost of one-way ticket is 400 rubles.

    Express "Swallow" Moscow - Tver, schedule, ticket price?

  • Corporate train quot; Swallow; quot; the message Moscow - Tver is sent every day from the Leningrad station.

    You can buy tickets for this train here.

    The ticket costs 400 rubles. Please note that odd places are located at the window.

    With the time of departure and arrival of the train can be found here:

    Express "Swallow" Moscow - Tver, schedule, ticket price?
    Express "Swallow" Moscow - Tver, schedule, ticket price?

    The last train goes to 21.05, 21 45 and 22.20.

  • High-speed train "Swallow"; on the route Moscow - Tver is on the road a little less than two hours, about an hour forty-fifty minutes. The train departs from Moscow Oktyabrskaya station. The first express train from Moscow to Tver departs from the capital in 5: 43 in Moscow time, and the last one in 21: 00. In total, on the way from Moscow to Tver, the train makes from three to seven stops at the stations of Khimki, Skhodnya, Kryukovo, Podsolnechnaya, Klin, Zavidovo, Redkino and Chupriyanovka.

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  • It is best to get to the timetable at the railway station, but you can also on the Internet on the official site quot; Swallow-trainquot ;. You can now go on this link. I will give a screen with the beginning of a rather voluminous table with a schedule of movement of the express quot; Swallow;);

    Express "Swallow" Moscow - Tver, schedule, ticket price?

    From Moscow to Tver, the departure of this train from the Leningrad station is daily. The first train leaves in 5 hours 10 minutes. Next - in 5 hours 43 minutes and so on. However, look carefully - trains do not stop at all stations, so if you need to get off not in Tver, but before, then study the schedule.

    A ticket costs four hundred rubles. If you need to translate, for example, a dog, then for its transportation you have to pay 25 percent of the cost of your ticket.

  • Express quot; Swallow "quot; from Moscow is sent, for your information, from the Leningrad station. The very first flight is at five o'clock 43 minutes; Arrival in Tver - at seven o'clock twenty minutes.

    • the next express leaves at six o'clock 37 minutes, arrives in Tver at eight o'clock twelve minutes.
    • then at seven o'clock 45 minutes from Moscow and arrives in Tver at nine twenty.
    • the next express leaves at eight o'clock 41 minute and arrives in Tver at ten o'clock fourteen minutes.
    • then from Moscow at nine o'clock 58 minutes leaves, and in Tver comes at eleven o'clock 32 minutes.


    After this there will be a break in the "Quill"; up to fifteen hours and fifty minutes.

    • from Moscow the train leaves at fifteen fifty minutes, arrives in Tver in seventeen hours 26 minutes.
    • the next express train leaves Moscow at sixteen hours thirty minutes, arrives in Tver at eighteen hours twelve minutes.
    • then leaves the Leningrad station in eighteen hours 39 minutes, comes to Tver at twenty fourteen minutes
    • then there is a train at nineteen hours 45 minutes, it arrives in Tver at 21 hour 23 minutes.
    • the last express leaves Moscow at 21 an hour and arrives in Tver at 22 hours 39 minutes.


    In addition, there are intermediate flights of the Express "Swallow", which only reaches the station Kryukovo.

    Tickets cost: four hundred rubles - one-time, 185 rubles - preferential one-time.

    Detailed schedule you can watch here.

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