How to call the operator of Megaphone?

How to call the operator of Megaphone?

  • If you are so conservative and do not want to climb the site megaphone, carefully read and write to the notebook) We take the phone and regardless of the region we press 0500 and a green button. Once you connect to the center and hear the voice of the answering machine, press 0. The answering machine will continue the conversation. Press 1 and then with an interval of seconds 2-e 0, 0. We expect a certain number of minutes and the operator on the phone. I think further you will understand)

  • Is it really that the megaphone has become so poorly employed that such a popular question is how to get through to the operator? Even weird. I used to remember there was no problem with that. Always called on a short number 0500 and always for a couple of minutes listening to stupid music, the operator answered. Always rpzbiralsya with the problem quickly enough.

  • 0500 for free with the Megaphone (on an answering machine press 1, then 2)

    8-800-333-05-00 from your home phone (press 0 on the answering machine)

    Video call on the official website of Megaphone (connection speed from 256 Kbps)

    The video shows the work of the contact center of Megaphone.

  • You can call the support service of Megaphone, the company around the clock, in several ways:

    • dial the number 88005500500 (very convenient, since you can call from the phone that is serviced by any operator);
    • dial 0500 and the call key (this number is only for calls from MegaFon numbers);
    • another 84955077777 number;
    • but the automatic voice assistant can call on which is possible by the number 0505.

    The choice is quite large, and consultations can also be received via SMS.

  • 8 800 550 05 00

    this phone is a general reference


    I had a situation when I had 2 sims of a megaphone, but different regions, and I was in Moscow, so, to get through to the representatives of the second region, they gave me some additional number, but warned that the call would be paid

  • In order to connect to the Megafon Operator, you need to call the 0500 single help service number and then press the "; 2quot; then quot; 0quot; and again quot; 0quot; After that you will have to listen to information about your personal account, and voila, there is a connection with the operator) I hope that everything is explained) Good luck !!

  • To to call the mobile operator "Megaphone"; There is a single number for all: 8-800-333-05-00. The call will be free, even if you call through any other cellular operator or landline (home) phone.

  • Answer to this question is NO !!! I called all the phones written here and all to no avail. So I could not go directly to the operator. I constantly offer to click on one tsiferku, then on the other and spiky me unnecessary information. Probably it's easier for the CIA to get through to phone numbers than to Megafon operators. We were made hostages !!!!! And no one for anything and no one answers !!!!!!!

  • Recently phoned to the number 88003330500.

    And when called from the sim card megaphone robot claimed that all operators are busy and discarded. And when I called from the bileine number (who does not know, on 8800- to call from all the operators for free), SUDDENLY! operators were found, although they were busy, but after 5 minutes they gave me the answer.

    Plus they have a little trick there that subscribers do not dial up, the operator quot; hid the "; from annoying customers.

    At the moment, when you call the robot a lot says everything, but we are interested in the command under the figure 0 quot; other questionquot; about it it is said after a pause of seconds in 5, why, I think, many people miss it.

    After that, the robot again talks a lot and again after a long pause, it is suggested to press the 8 number for "; another question"; already for the satisfaction of his operator.

  • I recently called the operator on 0550. But since there was a question about the modem, I was asked to call back from any other sim card. It turned out that they have a special toll-free number that will be free from both the biline and the mts. This number is 8-800-333-05-00.

  • how to call from moldova to the service of support megofon

  • To the operator, you can call 8-800-550-0500 customer support free of charge, and by calling 0500, select any menu item in the guide directory using the phone's keypad, then press zero and wait for the operator's answer, on average this takes 8- 10 minutes (before the operator answers)

  • How to call the operator of Megaphone?

    to call a network operator megaphone you need a lot of effort and time, you can call 700999 or free number from any other operator 8 800 333 05 00 or short number with cell phone 0500, well, if you can not get through, you can go to the site or go to the office

  • To call the mobile operator Megafon from the mobile number of the Megafon network, you need to dial the number 0505 and for calls from other operators of cellular networks and fixed telephones you need to dial 8 800 550-05-00

  • Ways of a free call to the operator of Megafon and reception of the necessary information:

    • Free federal single number: 8 (800) 333-05-00. You can call from home, city, or from any other mobile phone operator in Russia. During the dialing, the answering machine will turn on and offer several transition options to obtain the desired service. To contact the operator, just press the "quot; 1quot ;, then"; 2quot; and wait for a voice response. Additional free numbers: 8 (800) 550-05-00 and 8 (922) 111-05-00 for Megafon users across Russia for free;
    • Exclusively for the owners of the SIM card Megaphone: free call operator on the number 0500

    How to call the operator of Megaphone?

    • Video call (free of charge) via Skype operator of the cellular company Megafon
    • Live chat: go to the official website of the company Megaphone and in the quot; support quot; enter online chat
    • Send free SMS to the operator (only for Megafon subscribers) to the number 0500
    • To issue an offline application in the quot; quot; Contactsquot; via the E-mail form

  • If you need to call the operator Megafon by megaphone SIM, then use the short number 0500, and if from another operator, that is a toll-free number - 8 (800) 333-05-00. And if you are abroad and connected to Megaphone, then call - 8-800-550-05-00.

  • The phone number of the help service of Megaphone 8 800 333-05-00 (it's a toll-free phone).

    Also there are phones for Megafon subscribers


    8 928 111 05001

    8 928 200 0000

    8 800 550 05 00

    Still there is an automatic voice assistant on the short number 0505.

  • How to call Megafon operator

    8 800 333-05-00 is the phone listed on their website.

    Use it for free calls everywhere in Russia. You can call from any phone.

    You can also use the 0550 number to call MegaFon support from your mobile phone.

  • If the operator's SIM card is Megafon, you can call immediately to a short number Zero Five Zero Zero, or 0500, if you want to call from a third-party carrier's SIM card, you can use the federal free number 8-800-333-05-00. The following questions on the service of the operator Megafon -

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  • 8-800-550-050 Here, keep and call with pleasure, all services are free of charge, even the call is prikolsya.Tolko much do not talk and then do not call them eternally zaneto them or wait 10-15 minutes vabsche naprigaet this and even after all ask to get quality service.

  • In all without exception, Megafon's office has a common basic package of a network of federal significance. The activity of this package extends to all federal districts throughout the country. General reference phone 8 800 333 05 00.

    How to call the operator of Megaphone?

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