How to find out the owner's name by cell phone number for free?

How to find out the owner's name by cell phone number for free?

  • To know who owns a cell phone number for free, it is advisable to have an acquaintance in the cellular communication saloon who will try for you and get the number you need. Or contact the salon with a complaint about the owner of this number, that he worries you with frequent calls, insults, you can find another reason and ask him to name his data. You can turn to any law enforcement agencies, consult, ask for help or write a statement, they should also have access to such opportunities. Just breaking through the base of phone numbers is also possible, but you can determine the exact number only if you are lucky, because the bases are usually obsolete, not exact, paid and useless. If the number is registered with another person, then the real data calling you, in general it will not work out. There are deceivers who profit by asking to send sms to a short number and promise to send an exact base, and they will simply withdraw money from your phone. Do not fall for it! Try to enter the phone number in the search engine, and suddenly, lucky and the number is known on the Internet.

  • To free The name of the owner by the number of his cell phone you can use several methods:

    • the first is to download a database of cellular operators. Although, most likely, it has lost relevance, but, possibly, the subscriber sought registration of his number long enough and information about him will be reliable.
    • second, you can search for free services on the Internet. For example, this
    • the third - you can officially apply to the office of the cellular company by writing the reason for the appeal (for example, if a person is threatened and he is afraid for the life of family members, it is possible that representatives of the company will provide the necessary information after consideration of the application.
    • the fourth - information about the owner of the phone can be obtained by contacting law enforcement with a statement, where you need to describe the claims and claims. In the process of review of the application, a criminal case may be opened and a request made to the mobile operator.
    • the fifth - you can try to score a phone number in the search engine and if a person sold something via the Internet, rented it, made other actions, on the sites where the transactions were carried out, his phone number could be published.

    However, the way that guarantees the possibility Find a person by phone number via the Internet for free, no. Do not believe the calls and promises to find a person by number, sending SMS, as a rule, this is cheating and pumping money.

  • The police will help you to find out this information and the prosecutor's office can. And how many cell phones do we have in the country? And all the workers there can find out such information. So all this is conditionally, all secrecy. But there is no guarantee that the person calling you is calling this SIM.

  • Hello, now I will answer your question as detailed as I know myself.

    You can find out in the police if you have an acquaintance there or download a database of the telephone service but there may be outdated data of course you can of course do this when a person lays money on the phone and just passes by, but if he lays in an ATM, you can, of course, which your money sacrificed.

    I hope I answered the question in as much detail as possible.

  • Once I worked in a mobile phone. and I can definitely assure that we were categorically forbidden to disclose such information.! for it there were even huge penal sanctions, up to dismissal. even for example when a client came to do a service, the same detailed call, first he presented a document proving his identity, and if suddenly he was not the owner of the number, even if he was a close relative with one name even in this case we could not do any service ....

  • Sometimes people believe that through databases on the phone number you can get free information about a person, but that's not true, the system will write to you that there are data about it and the city and name and social networks where the person is registered, but you have to send SMS, so here is a divorce for money and they will fly away from your balance.

    To find free information about the owner of the phone in your area, you need to download the whole database and look for the person in it by the number, it can be successful, but painstaking work.

    Of course, if you are really looking for a person for objective reasons, then you can with a passport

    contact the office of the mobile operator and if the reason is pretty good, you will be helped with it.

    You can apply to the police, in case of threat from the number from which they called and they will investigate this case.

  • As far as I know, the simplest and most reliable way to find out the owner's name on the cell phone number is to dial and ask.

    By the way the mass of telephones is registered not on the one who owns it and then no acquaintances in the FSB or in the offices of cellular operators will help you.

  • if there is no relationship in the law enforcement agencies or in the employees of the operator to whom the number belongs. That is not realistic to calculate. Of course, you can look at the database yourself, but for this you need to buy it. There is no free option. This information is confidential, and therefore has value, it is not prudent to throw it into the masses for nothing. (I do not see the point in this)

  • Just to find out the name of the owner of a cell phone, it's not so simple, because personal data are protected by the state. You can just rummage around the Internet and find phone bases, but they may be outdated and irrelevant. You can of course download free of charge various bases of cellular operators, but they are usually conditionally free. You can apply to law enforcement officers, but only in case of danger from the owner of the desired number ...

  • I'll tell you how some calculate the subscriber's name for free on the phone number of his mobile phone And you think how you can protect yourself from this, if you do not want to be found by number)))

    Well, firstly, there is an opportunity to download a free database of cellular communications. But the information in these databases may already be outdated. The only possibility that the subscriber wanted to register his number for a long time - then lucky, maybe.

    You can also apply to such free services as this or this. By the way, using some sites to search (and they are divorced a lot), do not be persuaded to send SMS with a specific message, ostensibly to pay for the service, as this can be very expensive.

    There is another semi-legal way that people use - and here it is not known what can be done for self-defense. The fact is that when we deposit money on our mobile phone and call our number, the manager who accepts payment for cellular services at the payment point sees our personal data indicated by us when we signed a contract with the mobile operator. And this fact some cunning use for their own purposes. They come up with stories that can pity the manager - for example, they say they want to replenish the mobile phone for their beloved and very sick grandmother, who herself can not do it - but unfortunately, the last figure of the mobile phone they forgot. And then they ask the manager to help them, since he is able to name the owner of the number. Of course, not every manager will go for this trick, but there are also some actors who achieve their goals. If he did not have success, he tries on in another communication salon - and their pond is a dime in every city.

  • If you have connections in the law enforcement agencies, you can find out the name of the number owner at their request. If you yourself work in the communication salon, then this information is also available to you. Remember, as Edvard Radzinsky said:

    In Russia everything is secret and nothing is secret!

    Only the number can be issued for one person, and another phone rings.

  • I believe that it is free of charge such a service on the Internet can not be found. Still, this is the personal contact information of each subscriber. And as you know, personal information should not be disclosed. This is the law! Even police officers, law enforcement officers do not always have the opportunity to obtain information about a particular subscriber. And I fully support this. I do not want some random and unpleasant people to know about me.

    You can at least try to enter the number in the search string of the same Yandex. Some ads of this subscriber, or a page in the social network, can get out.

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