Where to rent the old household appliances for money in Moscow, in the Moscow region?

Where to rent the old household appliances for money in Moscow, in the Moscow region?

  • Old appliances can be thrown away.

    But there are no specific places to get rid of home appliances, and they can also fine for not disposing of garbage in the proper place.

    It is better to take out old-fashioned old equipment for money, that is, to pay for its utilization.

    In Moscow, for spare parts, you can pick up a washing machine from your hand at the disposal point. E spare parts diverge. Take free to then sell parts.

    The rest is recycled after payment:

    • recycling of the refrigerator - from 1500 rubles;
    • computer recycling - an average of 700 rubles;
    • recycling TV 600 rubles;
    • Disposal of the printer, fax - 200 rubles, and the phone - 50 rubles.

    For this in Moscow and Moscow region you have to pay, if you want to get home from home taken to recycle old household appliances.

    There are many companies that will help in solving this problem. Take for example this.

  • The simplest and most effective is to put up for sale, well, of course for a penny but still money. Students, workers, visitors - who can buy (why buy something new, let's say for 1 a month) Well, you can turn in the recycling, bought - paid it out - paid - paid. It will cost about 1000 to 3000 rubles. There are a lot of similar companies and their search will not take much time. If I had a similar problem, I would have thought to take it all to the point of receiving non-ferrous metals. The truth before these will need a little pomuchitsya, breaking the refrigerator into metals of different origins.

  • In fact, Moscow has items for the recycling of household appliances. Or you can find more and "household appliances recycling services", their contacts can not be found on the Internet. There is such a site quot; buy a washing machinequot; (only in Latin letters). So there they buy up equipment and pay cash in the amount of 100 rubles and 3000 rubles.

    The main condition - the technique should be serviceable.

  • Earn on the sale of old household appliances do not want only lazy. Why do people have to end up in the end the old technology that was out of order or spend their energy on taking it out if there are people willing to take it, and even for money? Thus, you will not have problems with clients. Surely you have a question: why do you discounted appliances?

    A variety of video, audio and radio technology contains very valuable components (non-ferrous metals, capacitors, resistors, etc.). Only one TV can hide 2,5 kg of copper and 1 kg of aluminum. The business of this direction involves buying up such a cheap product as a discounted household equipment, for the subsequent dismantling of it for spare parts.

    You can start this profitable activity by submitting an advertisement: Do you want to hand over the old equipment? Call us!. Believe me, there are many people who want to get rid of junk. When, purchased by you, discounted household appliances will occupy all the space in the garage or shed, it is time for its dismantling into components. All this goods should be handed over to the points of prima non-ferrous metal and radio components.

    Please note that especially greedy individuals will not want to hand over the old equipment cheaply. Do not waste your time on persuasion and do not give more than 100 rubles for the old TV. It is worth noting that many people will give you broken equipment in general for free.

  • Now there is such a variety of all kinds of technology that a person tries to keep up with technological progress, buying up novelties. And then the question arises: what to do with the old? Old equipment, if in good condition, you can put up for sale on the ads sites. If the technology is no longer serviceable, then sell it for parts or scrap.

    Where to rent the old household appliances for money in Moscow, in the Moscow region?

  • Unfortunately, there are no points of reception of old household appliances with payment, even small money, in Moscow. But still a couple of ways to pass the technology with at least some benefit, you can come up with. First, it is worth looking for points of reception of scrap metal. If it's a pity to hand over another working unit for processing, you can use sites such as avito and a hammer or forums, and you can also advertise in a free newspaper in your area.

    The second option is even more convenient, because, despite the fact that those who want to buy equipment will not pay much (usually from 500 rub to three thousand), but they will take it out of your apartment absolutely free of charge.

  • LLC quot; Technique + quot; It operates around the clock in Moscow and the Moscow Region and reports on its website that they are buying washing machines, refrigerators, gas, and electric cookers that are in working condition. if the equipment is not working, then they dispose of it for free.

    They promise that they are calculated immediately on the spot in cash. I have not read the reviews specifically about this firm, but I think that there are many such firms, there is a lot of competition, so the quality should be normal.

    In general, of course it is very convenient, you do not need to take your old home appliances somewhere, to change something, since even transportation costs can exceed the real cost of this household equipment.

    Where to rent the old household appliances for money in Moscow, in the Moscow region?

  • old technology clutters our houses, balconies, porches. annoying its lack of property and a thick layer of dust on the walls. how can you get rid of it? if you are not greedy, then just make an announcement and avito.ru in the section I will give free of your technique. you have it and take it yourself and no problems. you will be deprived of even the seemingly unnecessary trash. or if you want a small penny for your trash, then there is a recycling program in the stores of the Eldorado network. just exchange your equipment for a new one with a big discount. good luck))

  • I have not heard anything about such services that take away old appliances and at the same time they pay money for this. There are services that need to be paid so that they take out the equipment.

    There are also chain stores that accept old equipment, while giving bonuses to purchases or discounts in their stores.

    But if you want to make the most of the profits from technology, it's best to sell to Avito.

  • Try a reliable option - put ads on the bulletin board, for example, AVITO. Better ads are viewed with photos, and you better describe in detail how it works, how it looks, how much it has been used. Sell ​​something is not difficult, there is very fast goods, especially the technology diverges, tk. very large demand - many newcomers who want to buy inexpensive equipment, especially TV sets, refrigerators, etc.

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