What is the difference between freeze-dried coffee and granulated coffee?

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What is the difference between freeze-dried coffee and granulated coffee?

  1. the size of granules
  2. There are three technologies for producing instant coffee. Depending on this, instant coffee can be powdered, granular or freeze-dried. The cheapest method of production allows to obtain powdered instant coffee, and the most expensive one is freeze-dried instant coffee.
    Powdered instant coffee is produced as follows. Raw coffee beans are cleaned, fried and crushed into small particles. Then, soluble substances are extracted from these fine particles. This extraction takes place with the help of special equipment: particles of coffee beans are treated with hot water under high pressure for several hours. The recovered soluble substances are then cooled, filtered and dried with hot air. The resulting extract is powdered instant coffee.
    The production of granulated instant coffee does not differ from the production of powdered coffee. Only at the end is another stage added. The resulting powdered instant coffee is knocked into small lumps with steam under pressure. The resulting lumps are granular instant coffee.
    The production of freeze-dried soluble coffee is absolutely different from the production of powdered and granulated instant coffee. The essence of it is as follows. First prepare the coffee broth and freeze it at a very low temperature. And then this frozen product is dewatered under vacuum at low pressure. Further, the dehydrated mass is crushed. These same irregularly shaped particles we see in coffee pots with the inscription "freeze-dried instant coffee".
    It should be noted that the freeze-dried instant coffee almost completely preserves all the useful properties of coffee beans, their flavor and taste. Unlike powdered and granulated soluble coffee, the production technologies of which affect the properties of the drink negatively.
    Accordingly, the freeze-dried instant coffee carries in itself the same amount of caffeine as the natural.
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  5. Sublimated sublimes, and granulated-granulates. Make the right choice!
  6. By the method of precipitation of the coffee extract: the granular precipitates by the way of steam stripping the powder dried from the extract, and the sublimated one by freezing the ice crystals of the extract in a vacuum.
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