How much is a liter of milk in Belarus?

How much is a liter of milk in Belarus?

  • 1 liter of milk sterilized in Belarus now (autumn 2016 year) has an average price from 1 to 1,5 ruble - depending on the fat content (3% is more expensive than 1,5%, packaging (in the pet bottle is more expensive than in the soft package) and the manufacturer (quot , Savushkin productquot; - milk of higher quality, but also more expensive.) And the bottle or packaging is usually not 1 liter, but 0,9l.

    Those. on average about 0,5-0,6 euros at the rate.

    How much is a liter of milk in Belarus?

    Ultra-pasteurized and high-quality fat milk costs even more, 1,5-2 per bottle, i.е. already almost 1 euro.

    More current prices for milk in the most expensive for Belarus "quot; Euro; You can see here.

  • Liters of milk in Belarus are dependent on fat content, producer and packaging, of course, even on the wrapping up of stores.

    So, in the packages 2,5% - about 0,85 cop., 3,2% - 0,9 cop. If it is a bottle, the cost increases to 1,5 -2,0 rub, in a carton, also about 1,4 -1,6 rub.

    Naturally, the price threshold for this is not limited and they are slowly creeping up.

  • Now there is no such thing as "liter", "one and a half liters". Now this is quot; 900quot; and "; 1,4". Chocolates are also not 100 grams, but 90. Anyway. So, today quot; literquot; milk in the Republic of Belarus is an average of 1-1,2 ruble (according to the old exchange rate of 10-12 thousand or at the rate of the dollar 0,5-0,7).

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