The cost of travel by subway in Moscow at 2016 what?

The cost of travel by subway in Moscow at 2016 what?

  • There are several tariff plans for trips in the Moscow metro:

    1. Card quot; Troikaquot;. On the card quot; Troikaquot; you can make money and travel by copying them with not. The cost of one trip for this tariff in 2016 year - 32 ruble, 20 trips - 640 rubles, 60 trips - 1920 rubles.
    2. Ticket quot; Singlequot;. Ticket quot; Singlequot; is purchased for a certain number of trips. The cost will make 1 a trip - 50 rubles, 20 trips - 650 rubles, 60 trips - 1570 rubles.
    3. Ticket quot; 90 minutesquot;. This ticket is valid for an unlimited number of trips within 90 minutes from the date of purchase. The ticket price is 60 rubles.
  • I go to the Troika, I buy a subscription at once for 60 trips, it is recorded through the cashier's subway, the cost of 1570 rubles, if divided by the amount, it turns out that one trip costs 26 rubles 20 kopecks, which is much cheaper than one-time trips, before it was all wrong noticeably, and now 1 regular card for the passage of one person 50 rubles, the triple 32, but for the very top three still have to deposit 50r.

  • The maximum rate for taking a card is more profitable.

    In April this year was in the capital, the maximum (for 60 trips) was meaningless, as a result, spent 2 per day 400 rubles for travel only in the metro, that is, 50 rubles per trip. There was not one, then just caught up, that it was necessary to take a card for 20 trips for 650 rubles, in plus for 350 rubles would be. So for residents of the city or citizens who are in the capital for a long time, it is better to take a card for 60 trips for 1570 rubles.

  • The easiest way to travel by public transport in the city of Moscow is to use a travel card. Without buying such a travel one trip by metro will cost 50 rub. Many began to use the Three. This is such a single ticket. Thanks to him, the economy is noticeable. Transport that does not go below the ground will cost no more than 31 rub. While a trip by metro will cost 32 r.

    Heard recently, that with 2017 g. Will be introduced new travel. They will be more profitable. Just to buy you will need to invest a one-time amount. But then the trips will be much cheaper

  • The cost of the trip is 50 rubles, if paid at the checkout. It is much more profitable to issue a card triplet, it is already making money. It will be much cheaper, 32 a ruble. True, sometimes they encourage to switch to electronic payment options, and when all pass, they will again raise the cost.

  • In the metro you can get by buying a ticket "single"; - One-time or travel, allowing you to travel on any type of public transport: the metro, bus, trolley, tram or using the map "Troika".

    When buying ordinary tickets "Single"; in vending machines or cash desks, the cost will be:

    On the 1 trip - 50 rubles

    On 2 trips - 100 rubles

    20 trips - 650 rubles

    40 trips - 1300 rubles

    60 trips - 1570 rubles

    When using the "; Troikaquot; there are two options: you can write on a non-travel card from the list above or simply put some amount of money from which the travel charges will be charged at the following rates:

    On the metro - 32 ruble for 1 trip

    On land transport - 31 ruble for 1 trip

    It is possible to save money by using the ticket "90 minutesquot ;: if for 90 minutes you change from one mode of transport to another, no matter how many transfers you made, the cost of the trip will still be 60 rubles when buying a ticket or 49 rubles on the map" Troikaquot; .

  • I have a card "TROIKA", so the subway travel costs me much less, not for 50 rub. By the way, this applies to land transport.

    On the metro and (or) the monorail I go for only 32 rub.

    On land transport 31 rub.

    At the rate of "; 90 minutes"; with transfers 49 руб.

    So then. Buy the card "TROIKA"; it is more profitable.

    The cost of travel by subway in Moscow at 2016 what?

  • On the map "triplet"; it is quite convenient and advantageous to travel around Moscow by metro. The usual one-time trip costs 50 rubles, while on the triple all 32 ruble and on land transport 31 ruble. but if you are with transplants "; 90 minutes"; then such a ticket will cost 49 rubles.

  • The subway is no longer as profitable transport as before. If in the USSR one counter in the Moscow metro cost 5 cents, then in 2016 year for the fare you had to pay 32 ruble. Now, according to the data on the Troika website, the tariffs a little went up to 35-55 rubles (depending on the number of trips purchased). But if you buy many trips at once (for example, when buying 60 trips, each of them will cost a little more than 28 rubles), then the cost can be omitted. Either buy for a certain period and then there will be no limit.

  • Already by the way 2017 year, but the trip still remained around 32 rubles, and even up to 50 rubles jumps. So if you want to save, then it's better to buy a card triplet, and also do not forget that the more trips you buy at once, the cheaper it will be. I advise buying 60 trips, it will be about 28 with a trifle rubles for one trip and 1579 rubles total cost.

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