Warface: Mysterious Notebook | Answers to all tasks?

Warface: Mysterious Notebook | Answers to all tasks?

  • I suggest using visual video-tips, namely answers to all tasks of Warface: Mysterious laptop.

    Answers to the first job quot; mysterious laptopquot ;:

    The answers of the second task:

    And this is directly the password from the second task:

    Answers to the third task quot; mysterious laptopquot ;:

    Answers to the fourth task:

    Answers to the fifth task:

    The sixth task:

  • In the computer game Warface: Mysterious laptop independently find the answers to all the tasks quite difficult. Therefore I give you a clue:

    • in the first job the password will be Hunter74;
    • in the second job 03092015;
    • in the third 1 code 4021DF63208502, 2 code 251419MO784217, 3 code 28KG21174292604, 4 code 3348566065CF46, 5 342325686898FQ;
    • 4-th job and code S27XV892NM7WX11YUV8791SDK;
    • in the fifth task you will need to kill fifty opponents using the survival mode;
    • 6 job and password GOLDFISH;
    • in the 7-X project 28.10.2015 Moscow;
    • in 8, 9 and 10 tasks, all you need to do is click on the Execute Task button;
    • and in the 11 task, insert the password: Smirnov is alive.

    That's all, it's pretty simple, I wish you victory in the game.

  • If you are a player in Warface and can not perform any of the tasks of the Mysterious laptop, then use the hints:

    The answer to the 1 task is: Hunter74.

    The answer to the 2 job is 03092015.

    Response to 3 task:

    • first code: 4021DF63208502
    • second code: 251419MO784217
    • third code: 28KG21174292604
    • fourth code: 3348566065CF46
    • fifth code: 342325686898FQ

    The answer to the 4 job is: code S27XV892NM7WX11YUV8791SDK

    Reply to 5 task: destroy 50 opponents in Survival mode.

    The answer to the 6 task is: GOLDFISH.

    The answer to the 7 task: 28.10.2015 Moscow

    Reply to 8, 9 and 10 task: click the Execute Task button.

    Reply to 11 task: you need to insert a secret password: Smirnov is alive.

  • job password 12 North America, Nevada Desert, Greenwood, Bunker, 3, 2, 1

  • Password for the first job: Hunter74.

    The password for the second job: 03092015.

    In order to pass the third task, you need to find the final code: 342325686898FQ

    The password for the fourth task: code S27XV892NM7WX11YUV8791SDK

    To pass 5 task, you need to destroy 50 opponents in the Survival mode.

    The password for the sixth task: GOLDFISH.

    Password for the seventh task: 28.10.2015 Moscow

    Answers to 8, 9 and 10 task: just perform tasks in the game.

    The password for the 11 task: Smirnov is alive.

    The password for the 12 task will be North America, Nevada Desert, Greenwood, Bunker, 3, 2, 1

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