What is prepared for Easter in different countries

Bright Christian Resurrection is the greatest Christian holiday, which is celebrated in splendor and solemnity in many countries. And how beautiful the Easter traditions are! So, in Poland on this day, you must certainly wash with spring water or well water; in Germany the house is decorated with narcissuses, which are called "Easter bells"; in England there are bright, cheerful carnivals. And festive tables are literally bursting with all sorts of dishes! What do they treat to this holiday in different countries of the world?

How to celebrate Easter in Poland

In Poland, each hostess prepares a special Easter treat - a white sausage in a natural sheath (Biala kielbasa) made of pork, veal and chicken with seasonings and garlic.

It is served as a separate dish - with beet and horseradish sauce, put into the soup "zhurek" and an Easter basket. I must say that once the "zhurek" - it was true, without sausage - was the traditional fasting dish of the Poles, and by the end of the post, he was so bored that this dish was arranged ... solemn funeral: a pot of soup was buried in the ground.
Easter Polish soup Zurek

Polish Easter dessert - pies with fruit from sweet yeast dough, the so-called "women". They resemble Orthodox cakes, because they bake them in cylindrical forms. But the traditional Easter pie has a flat shape and is called a "mazurek". It looks really festive: the top of the pie is decorated with jelly, candied fruit, nuts, flowers from cream and chocolate. According to the tradition, "women" and "mazurek" bake on Pure Thursday. And the festive table does not do without a sugar lamb, symbolizing the Lamb of God.
Polish Easter cake of a woman
Polish Easter cake "Mazurek"

What is prepared for Easter in Italy

In Italy, the main dish is "Colomba Pasquale" - a yeast cake with raisins, crushed orange peel. It is formed in the form of a dove, symbolizing peace and harmony. The finished product is covered with sugar glaze and sprinkled with almonds.
Colomba Pasquale traditional Easter cake in italy

It is interesting that in every area of ​​Italy there is its own recipe for Easter baking: for example, in Liguria it is "Paskualin's Cake" made of puff pastry with ricotta cheese, eggs and spinach. In olden times, the owners had to tinker a bit to prepare it: "Cake Paskulin" was to consist of 33 cakes - according to the number of years that the Savior lived among people.
Cake of Paskualin which is prepared for Easter in Italy

But in the south of Italy, the Easter table is unthinkable without pies "Casatiello" and "Pastiera". The first is prepared from a yeast dough, in which baked pieces of pecorino cheese, sausages of different varieties and boiled eggs.
Easter pie south of italy Casatiello
The second is the open pie Pastiera - this is a miracle of culinary craftsmanship: the base of the crispy short dough is covered with a thick layer of stuffing, made from different ricotta cheese (from milk of cows and sheep), candied citrus and boiled wheat. Prepare it in advance: the pie should stand for at least two days.
Pie Pastiera - the tradition of the south of Italy for Easter

Easter treats in England

The Easter table in England can not be imagined without the "Hot cross buns" - fancy "cross buns" made from yeast dough, flavored with candied fruits, spices, raisins.
English baked goods for Easter Hot cross buns

Before baking on each of them make a cross-cut that is filled with a sweet cream: this is the main feature of English Easter buns. Prepare them on Good Friday, and it is believed that such baking does not stale throughout the year!

The main meat festive dish is a baked lamb stuffed with vegetables, or a simplified version - roast lamb.
Easter treats in England baked lamb

And, of course, every English hostess should cook on this day to prepare for Easter "The Simnel" - a cake with raisins, candied fruits and nuts.
English Easter cake "Simnel"

As celebrate Easter in Sweden

In Sweden, on the Easter table, fish dishes predominate - different varieties of marinated herring, salmon baked with herbs, sprat. Garnish is served with baked potatoes with asparagus.
Fish in sweden on the Easter table
But, no matter how Swedes do not like herring and other fish, on Easter week they beat all records on the use of eggs: statistics show that the inhabitants of Sweden for 7 festive days eat about 2000 tons of this product!

And on Easter days the Swedes open the "barbecue season": they leave for the big companies and grill fish, meat, vegetables, cheese - in short, everything you can fry!
Barbecue in Sweden

Easter in Finland

If you are in the Bright Sunday of Christ in Finland, then besides the various dishes from fish and mutton "traditionally curd Easter and Easter pudding, we will certainly be treated with" mummies ". This is originally Finnish dish, sweet pie from rye flour with malt. The dough is kneaded on water, then placed in a box resembling a birch bark basket and baked and oven or oven. As this is a dessert, serve it with sugar and cream, as well as with ice cream or creamy vanilla cream.
Easter sweets in Finland

Those who have tried "mammy" say that the taste of this dish is specific, but it is definitely worth trying! If no one has treated you to "mummies", do not worry: this delicacy can be bought in any supermarket.

Easter cakes in Portugal

While our mistresses "conjure" cakes, Portugal dwells a dough for "Folar da Pascoa" - a traditional Easter yeast pie, whose name translates as "Easter gift".
Easter cake in Portugal "Folar da Pascoa"
The dough for it can be sweet or spicy, and no fillings at all. The peculiarity of the fular is that before baking, uncooked boiled eggs are stained with onion peel on top of the product, pressed with a cross from the dough and then sent to the oven. Of course, this is not just a culinary fantasy: such a pie symbolizes a warm family nest blessed by the Lord.

Easter traditions of other countries

Recipes of Easter dishes - a great variety. So, in France on this day necessarily bake in the oven mutton ham, flavored with garlic, caraway, spicy Provencal herbs, poured with olive oil. In Germany, Austria and Belgium, the "protagonist" of the festive table is a hare, but no "eared" does not suffer: rabbits are made of dough, chocolate or marzipan here. Spanish housewives prepare a "hornaso" - a pie stuffed with eggs and sausages. But in Brazil Easter is a real "chocolate festival": this delicacy on Holy Sunday is eaten in huge quantities. And, of course, at the festive Easter table in any country in the world, everyone sincerely wishes each other only good.

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