How to save time in the kitchen?

How to save time in the kitchen?

  • And for what? Why are you going to save time in the kitchen? If you cook for your husband, it's easier to get divorced. if to itself, it is more profitable to die of hunger. And to save time on washing, it's easier not to bathe at all.

  • We need to think about what we spend the most time on: preparing, cleaning vegetables, cleaning and washing dishes and, in fact, preparing food.

    • preparation of products: you can wash all vegetables at once and then remove them from the refrigerator already clean,
    • cleaning, it is better to purchase several different in shape and size knives, which use for each product, the more convenient, the faster it will turn out. Vegetables are best cleaned with special vegetable peelings;
    • In addition, to quickly remove the work surface, where you cleaned vegetables, cut meat, fish, etc., will help newspapers or food film that you spread on the table in advance. At the end of dirty work, it is enough to roll up the newspaper together with its contents and discard it;
    • You can also prepare without too much time and effort to wash dishes. To leave a clean oven, use the sleeve for baking, you can lay paper or foil on the sheet - you do not have to rub the sheet;
    • during the frying, so as not to wipe the surface afterwards, use high-walled dishes and spread out the newspapers, including on the floor.
    • the use of technology will also make life easier and save time - mixer, electric meat grinder, blender, microwave oven, multivarker, dishwasher, you can, of course, still advise the robot cleaner, but this is clearly not for everyone,
    • from the global - ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the kitchen, a convenient arrangement of cabinets and their contents (it is convenient to take, get, without moving 10 items, do not stretch high, etc.)

    It is better to save time on preparatory measures, than on the very process of cooking.

  • In fact, the best engine of progress is laziness!! (Agree to the multivark could only think of a lazy person)

    On what I most like to save time:

    • on carrots. You do not have much more carrots with 5 than with one. We take 4-5 pieces, wash it, grate it, lay it on the cutting boards and into the freezer when it is frozen in the container. Frozen is no worse than fresh. When preparing soup we just take the right amount. And do not wash the grater, board, wash the sink ... Squash and pumpkin can also be cut into cubes and freeze.
    • on meat. I buy good rustic beef, immediately cut into several portions of goulash, spread it on plastic backing, wrapped it in film and in the freezer.
    • on himself The process of cooking. The process of cooking certain dishes can be optimized and slightly simplified, the quality of this will not get worse. For example, when I prepare rassolnik, I never boil the pearl bar separately - I throw it into the broth, as soon as I take off the foam from the meat.
    • on preparing soup for a child strange as it may sound (I cook for a child 4 times a day). Today I cook chicken broth from it, I prepare soup for myself and my child, I leave a glass of broth for tomorrow. Tomorrow, on this broth, you can quickly boil a noodle soup with carrots for a child.
  • It says about home appliances in the kitchen.

    Of the common tricks, baking chicken is best in airgill with a pallet. After the preparation, simply pour out the oil from the pallet and cook again, the pan remains practically clean. And if the chicken is still there and from disposable utensils, then you can not wash anything at all.

  • The most important thing is to put everything in its place and remember where everything lies. This will save significant time cooking.

    Use the achievements of modern science, which allow at times to speed up cooking (blenders, modern graters, multivarks, microwave ovens)

    the process of cooking can be significantly speeded up, if you properly approach this issue and spend a little time cleaning and buying modern appliances.

  • You can work one day and have a lot of time "save"; For example, cut all the necessary products for frying - onions, carrots, bell peppers. Fold them in special plastic bags and remove air from them (buy in the store). Will only have to cook. You can cook the broth in advance and store in the refrigerator. You can do semi-finished products. Even the dough can be frozen. It depends on what you like to cook. There are recipes for ten minutes - for example buckwheat groats with water in the evening, and in the morning "cook"; - 10 minutes will suffice.

  • I though the woman and the cook, but also I have no concept as it "to save time in kitchen", it is simple at me all quickly and deliciously it turns out to prepare, we admit lettuce olivye: cook eggs with salt water together with a potato and carrots, at this time You make sausage and cucumbers and so on.

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