Salty, spicy, favorite - brynza

Brynza - exquisite cheese. Its salty taste can be appreciated only by gourmets! All the housewives know about cheese, but not everyone has heard that this natural product is both nutritious and very useful. Brynza is a soft pickle cheese, in which there are many vitamins and minerals: these are predominantly calcium and phosphorus salts, vitamin A, thiamine and riboflavin. This unusual cheese can become for you the real find, if you are a vegetarian and do not eat meat products. After giving up meat, you risk depriving your body of animal protein, which it needs for normal work. But you can not be afraid of it, if you regularly eat cheese.

From Homer to our days Traditionally, cheese is made from sheep or goat's milk. The way this cheese was prepared was described by Homer in the Odyssey. Without philosophizing for a long time Cyclops "white took half of milk, instantly fermented, squeezed and folded into baskets firmly bound together." In principle, Cyclops' technique has not changed in our days. The basic part of the cooking technique remained the same, only the nuances that influenced the final result changed slightly. In this respect, the Turks proved particularly conservative.

Most likely, they were the first to love this pickle cheese, having attached to it the entire Ottoman Empire. Their best pupils turned out to be Bulgarians and Moldovans, and they own the name brinza - "sheep cheese". Three different ways Cheeses, similar to cheese, do in Europe and in Asia.

There are three types of brynza:

  • A product made from sheep or goat's milk.
  • Prepared from cow milk in a way that preserves the crumbling structure and salinity.
  • Cheese, made by the Greeks a bit by another technology, called fete. How to store Fetu
  • Greek brynza should be stored in brine. To remove excess salinity, fetu before serving can be soaked for several minutes in mineral water or milk.

Greek feta cheese

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  1. I love salty, spicy cheese. This is my favorite product. For this happiness I'm ready to pay out a lot of money, Though my family consider me an idiot. As for me, nothing can compare with the taste of your favorite spicy brynza delicious flavored loaf And drink it all with sweet tea. I advise everyone from the heart. Especially because now this product in stores discount.

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