Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

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Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

  • My favorite recipe is crab sticks with white beans. For him you need 200. crab sticks, 200g. canned white beans, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 / 4 juice of lemon, 50. Olive oil, chopped ground pepper and salt to taste.

    Drain the liquid from the beans, cut crab sticks in the form of cubes, garlic is best squeezed out. Mix and mix everything. Separately make a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, with the addition of salt, pepper, garlic and pour it a salad! The taste is unusual, amazing. Bon Appetit

  • Crab sticks salad Mariska

    6 chicken yolks, 1 red onion, floor packs of chopsticks, greens (dill, parsley), boiled carrots. Sticks, onions, carrots cut into cubes, yarn mash with a fork, add corn (optional) dress with mayonnaise, sprinkle with herbs. Can be layered.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    quot; Standardquot;

    half a glass of rice boiled mixed with 2 st.l. butter

    1 boiled carrots (optional), 4 eggs, a pack of crab sticks, 1 cucumber, 1 bulb.

    corn canned small jar. All cut into cubes, add rice and corn, seasoned with mayonnaise. Since I'm not a fan of crab sticks, I replace them with boiled trout.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

  • My favorite salad recipe for crab sticks contains only four ingredients:

    1. Crab sticks.
    2. White cabbage.
    3. Canned corn.
    4. Mayonnaise.

    The recipe for cooking is very simple: we cut crab sticks and cabbage, add corn, fill with mayonnaise and mix. On any holiday this salad is eaten one of the first.

  • First option :

    crab sticks - 200.

    boiled rice if desired, also 200.

    Dessert Corn - 1 Bank

    red sweet onion - medium bulb

    boiled chicken eggs 5 pcs.


    The second option:

    crab sticks or crab meat - 200.

    boiled string beans - 1 packet

    onions roasted 2-3 large onions

    canned champignons - 1 Bank


    The third option:

    crab sticks - 200.

    boiled eggs - 4 pcs

    Chinese cabbage - about gram 400g


  • Approaching 8 March and want to cover a beautiful table, decorate with a variety of mouth-watering salads.

    Salads from crab sticks are light and not too high in calories. They diversify the feast.

    1. Prepare simple salad with crab sticks on 4 servings:

    crab sticks - 200 g, eggs two - three pieces, boiled potatoes a couple of pieces, corn one jar, green onion, mayonnaise, seasonings to taste, greens and lettuce leaves to decorate.

    Crab sticks, boiled eggs, onions, boiled potatoes shall be cut finely. We mix with corn. Add spices, season with mayonnaise.

    Lay out on the leaves of lettuce, decorate with greens.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    2. Salad of crab sticks and mushrooms:

    crab sticks - 200 g, canned corn - 200 g, pickled mushrooms - 200 g, eggs 4 pieces, mayonnaise to taste, salt, pepper to taste.

    We cut crab sticks and eggs into cubes, mushrooms - plates. Add canned corn. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, mix everything together with mayonnaise to taste.


    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    3. Salad in the form of flowers with crab sticks and squid:

    squid carcasses two pieces, crab sticks one package, carrots a couple of pieces, greens to taste, boiled rice - one glass, mayonnaise to taste.

    Squids boil a couple of minutes. We cut one carcass finely, the other - for decoration.

    Boil the rice, carrots. Some carrots are for decoration.

    Cut the crab sticks. We'll cut the greens.

    Mix the ingredients. Season with mayonnaise.

    We put the dish. From the carcass of the squid, carrots, greens, we decorate.

    Bon appetit!

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    1. Salad cocktail of crab sticks.

    Products on 4 Servings:

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    We will combine all the ingredients for the sauce together, put it in a bowl, cover it, refrigerate it for a few hours, let the sugar dissolve, stir occasionally.

    Let the lettuce leaves in cold water, so that there is no bitterness, then we'll tear it to pieces with hands.

    We cut pineapple. Let's boil the shrimp.

    Let's put the salad in a glass, pour sauce over it, we put shrimps on top.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    5. Salad of crab sticks with oranges:

    eggs three pieces, crab sticks one package, one small orange, canned. corn 1 jar, mayonnaise to taste, add salt, add salad and leaves, greens to beautifully decorate.

    We cut boiled eggs, we will clean and cut an orange, we will mix with the cut crab. chopsticks, fill to taste, we will add.

    You can serve on a plate with lettuce leaves, decorated with greens.

    Have a nice holiday!

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

  • My mother-in-law makes a delicious salad with crab sticks or crab meat.

    Takes 1 can of canned corn, 1 can of canned green peas, 1 packing of crab sticks and 5 boiled eggs,

    Cooking a salad is easy:

    Eggs and sticks finely chopped, add corn and peas, mix together with mayonnaise.

    If desired, you can add a fresh cucumber.!

    Salad ready! Bon Appetit.

  • Ahead 8 March, this means that we are waiting for feasts and will need to cook something delicious. Salads are an integral part of any table. They can be very diverse. With trout, with herring, with olives, yes with anything, if only they liked the guests.

    Salad quot; Mimosa; with crab sticks.


    Egg chicken 4-6 pcs.

    Crab sticks g 200

    Cheese hard 100-200 g

    Butter 100-200 g

    Onions 1 pieces.

    Apple 1-2 pcs.

    Mayonnaise 150-200 g

    Cooking is here.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    Salad quot; Mosaicquot; with crab sticks.


    Chicken eggs 4 pcs.

    Crab sticks 200-240 g

    Bulgarian sweet pepper (red) 2 pcs.

    Fresh cucumber 2 pcs.

    Canned sweet corn 1 jar

    Mayonnaise to taste

    Fresh greens to taste

    Salt, pepper to taste

    Cooking is here.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    Salad quot; Raffaello; with crab sticks.


    Crab sticks g 250

    Egg chicken (cooked) 3 pcs

    Cream cheese 2 pcs


    Nuts (any)

    Coconut shavings

    Cooking is here.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    Salad quot; Inspiration; with crab sticks.


    Mussels 0,5 kg

    Squids 0,5 kg

    Shrimp 0,5 kg

    Crab sticks (chilled) 1 pach.

    Salmon (slightly salted) 200 g

    Eggs quail 10 pcs

    Red caviar 50 g


    Fresh dill

    Cooking is here.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    Salad "Sea Pearl"; with crab sticks.


    Squids 0, 5 kg

    Shrimp 300 g

    Crab sticks g 240

    Red caviar 100 g

    Eggs 4 pcs.



    Quail Egg 1 pcs.

    Cooking is here.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    Bon appetit!

  • An interesting salad can put yourself in the piggy bank top recipes from crab sticks. Ingredients in it are light, juicy, colorful. Even just looking at him, increases appetite and mood. Here is the content of the salad products "Spring Jazz":

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    salad with crab sticks Spring jazz

  • The simplest in our family are three, just variations with the ingredients. 1. Crab sticks, boiled eggs, corn. 2. To all this, add the finely chopped apple (or grated). 3. Instead of an apple, add crab chips (before serving on the table to crunch). All three options are filled with mayonnaise. 4. And here's another recipe for puff pastry: frozen butter, crab sticks, apple, boiled eggs, cheese. All the products grind (grate) and lay out in this sequence with layers, each layer to cover with mayonnaise. 5. Another version of salad is suitable for snacks on chips. Crab sticks, cheese (can be smoked), artificial red caviar (but you can and this), fresh cucumber and mayonnaise. Mix the finely chopped products, season with mayonnaise and spread on large potato chips ("Pringlets"). It turns out beautifully. Only you need to do it again before serving, and do not go too far with cucumber and mayonnaise, or else a salad "floats".

  • I will not offer you five recipes, but here are my favorites:

    1. Crab sticks, eggs, corn and fresh cucumber are cut and mixed, dressing - mayonnaise
    2. crab sticks, eggs cut into strips, rub cheese, squeeze out half a lemon juice, mix mayonnaise, add biscuits before serving. I like to add quot; Flintquot; with red caviar or sour cream with herbs. you can and home of course
    3. Crab rolls. Take the thick crab sticks and unfold, for this you need to hold them over the steam 10-15 seconds. separately rub the melted cheese. garlic, eggs and greens, season with mayonnaise. We spread the cheese mass on the unwrapped stick and turn off the roll. for an hour we send it to the refrigerator and then cut it diagonally and serve it.

    These are all my favorite recipes. Bon Appetit!

  • By popularity salad from Crab sticks became the second. It is prepared differently, adding another ingredient, to taste it turns out to be more original and tastier. The classic recipe is:

    • 1 can of canned corn,
    • 1 pack of crab sticks,
    • 3 boiled eggs,
    • mayonnaise.


    Eggs and sticks finely chop, add corn and season with mayonnaise.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    Salad lovers with Crab sticks and rice -seed 100 gram of cereals until prepared, finely shred the onion and add to the above-mentioned classic recipe.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    Salad from Crab sticks and cabbage:

    • cabbage,
    • fresh cucumber,
    • crab sticks,
    • boiled eggs,
    • greens,
    • mayonnaise.

    In the preparation of cabbage and cucumber chop, add chopped eggs, crab sticks, corn and a bunch of greens. Season with mayonnaise. In all of the above recipes, it's nice to pack and serve to the table. Happy holiday, dear women! I advise you to cook for the upcoming holiday-8 March.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

  • I love salads, which include crab sticks, or crab meat.

    I like the salad puff pastry from crab sticks and tomatoes.

    It will require the following ingredients:

    crab sticks - 1 packaging;

    canned corn - 0,5 cans;

    boiled eggs - 5 pcs .;

    tomatoes - 3 pcs .;

    Cheese hard - 150 g;

    greens (green onions, dill, parsley).

    For dressing lettuce use mayonnaise (light) - it will perfectly impregnate all layers due to its more liquid consistency than mayonnaise of increased fat content.

    Salad can be laid in layers either on a large serving dish, or in kremankah (for each), or serve in portions on separate plates, forming layers with a special small diameter molding ring.

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

    Salad of crab sticks - the top five recipes?

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