Dishes for Easter and not only: chicken legs smoked (hot smoked)

The bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ is coming, and it is already possible to select recipes for Easter. In addition to baking, a significant place on the festive table table is occupied by meat dishes, because the post has already ended, and you can finally go on about your gluttony (within reasonable limits, of course). Traditionally, Easter cook and buy a variety of smoked products.

Cold smoking is a long and tedious process, which is very difficult to implement in an apartment. But it's very easy to smoke meat in a hot way right in your kitchen, if you have a smokehouse with a hydraulic seal. Buy these smokers can be in specialized stores and also ordered in online stores. Thanks to the hydraulic seal (this is the layer of water that we pour around the perimeter), the smoke does not go out, so your kitchen is insured against unwanted odors.

Prepare a smoked chicken at home in such a smokehouse is not more difficult than cooking an ordinary dinner, but you can please your loved ones with a new flavor of ready meals. Shop broiler chicken legs are prepared for no more than an hour, as with a normal frying or putting out.smoked legs for the Easter of hot smoked

Preparing smoked legs for Easter

1. Prepare chicken legs, rinse and drain them. Despite the preliminary treatment, on the legs, however, often there is a yellow skin. To easily remove it, the foot can be held over the fire. After that, the yellow skin can easily be removed.Preparing the legs for cooking - Easter

2. Before cooking, we need to stand the legs 5-6 hours in salt and spices. Special spices for smoking are not necessary (other, you can add those that you like), you can limit yourself to pepper or a mixture of peppers. We add salt, pepper, mix and leave it at 5-6 hours.Adding spices to Easter smoked legs

3. Salted feet wipe off the moisture with a towel, lay out for airing for half an hour.drying the preform before baking

4. And while the paws dry up, you can prepare the chips. Chips of alder (or other suitable for smoking trees) flooded with water.Dishes for Easter and not only: chicken legs smoked (hot smoked)

5. This is how our smokehouse looks.Smokehouse Smokehouse

6. Everything that is inside is taken out, the foil is at the very bottom.preparation preparation

7. Put the chips on the foil.chipping the chips before smoking

8. Then we put everything back: the pallet, on the pallet - the grate. And put the chicken legs on the lattice at a distance from each other.Dish for Easter - smoked legs

9. Cover the smokehouse with a lid.

Closing the smoker with lid

10. The hose should be put on the fitting, as shown in the photo. But we will do this later, when the smokehouse is already on the stove. On the perimeter in the groove we pour water. You can put on fire. The hose is not yet dressed. As soon as the smoke comes out of the socket, we put on the hose and take it out to the window or to the hood. From this moment we prepare the store broiler legs 50 minutes. This is if the legs are not too large. If large, then longer. At the end of this time, the plate is turned off, but we do not lift the lid for another 20 minutes.
11. After 20 minutes, open the lid. Our legs should look something like this. Their color should be light brown.

Easter sticks of hot smoking

12. At once smoked paws are not recommended, although very desirable. You need to wait about 5 more hours.

Delicious smoked legs for Easter

What you need: chicken legs - how much fits in the smokehouse, salt and pepper - to taste, a handful of alder chips.

Have a nice appetite and a light Easter holiday!

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