We paint eggs for Easter: top-12 best ideas for decor

The painting of eggs on the eve of Easter can rightfully be called one of the most fascinating historical traditions, which has survived in our time. Not only that joint creativity at the same table brings together the members of the seven, this sacred action also gives a lot of positive. Pisanki, krashenki, drapanka - all the variety of Easter eggs is not only a good decoration for the festive table, but also an excellent gift to your beloved people, a powerful amulet. That is why it is so important to give maximum attention to this tradition.

The modern market industry has done everything to make our life easier: in stores you can find a dozen bright dyes, hundreds of stickers, Easter pictures and sparkles for original creativity for every taste. Well, we traditionally offer our own ways for decorating Easter eggs.

12 best ideas on how to decorate eggs for Easter

We hope you do not need to remind you that for the best effect of painting, eggs are first washed well and rubbed with alcohol, and a decent spoonful of salt is put in the cooking water. Then nothing bursts and does not crack, the paint will lie evenly beautiful layer, which can be made to shine with the help of rubbing krashenki vegetable oil.

1. The easiest, and most importantly, common way of painting Easter eggs, which came to us from antiquity - is to throw a fairly large amount of onion husks (from 8-12 bulbs) into the pan with water, boil it on the fire for about 40 minutes, then leave to infuse. The resulting broth strain and use as a dye, in which until ready to cook eggs.
We paint eggs for Easter onion

2. If you want bright colors, but small children live in the house, and using chemical dyes is not an option, according to the technology described above, you can prepare decoctions of nettles (give a soft green hue), turmeric (muffled yellow), violet flowers or red cabbage leaves (lavender color). To eggs accurately absorbed the paint, in the decoction before painting add 2 art. l. vinegar.

3. A picture in the form of a dill or parsley leaf on the egg enamel is easy to obtain if the egg is put in a caprofic stocking with greenery, tied up and boiled in a dye. Just make sure that the contours of the plant nicely lie on the surface of the future krashenki. By the way, by analogy in a stocking it is possible to pour rice cereal, which will leave a grainy pattern on the egg.
egg coloring for Easter

4. To get beautiful striped drawings, put a rubber band on a raw egg or apply a pattern of electrical tape before dipping into the paint. After the procedure, remove the adhesive tape and look at the effect!
unusual Easter - eggs in a strip

5. Gorgeous lace motifs on krashenkah easy to get, if the egg before cooking wrap in a lace fabric. And again, make sure that the fabric is snug to the surface as tightly as possible.
original painting of arachnoid eggs lace pattern

6. To get scratches, do not need a lot of effort. Paint the eggs in the dye, wait until it cools, and then take a thick needle and begin to scratch the pattern. We assure you, the results will surprise, especially if you approach the process with imagination.

7. Naturally, the real pysanka is obtained only when the drawing is waxed, and for this you need to work hard. The egg is pre-marked with a pencil in advance, beeswax is prepared, a pisach, a candle, over which paraffin wax, paper towels and cans with already diluted dyes will be melted. The drawing is done with a pencil with wax strictly along the marked lines, after which the egg is dipped into the paint. When the egg becomes color, the wax is erased. You still have a neat drawing, which is quite impressive.
Pysanka - hand-painted eggs for Easter

8. A good alternative to fuss with wax is the decoupage technique. It is not so cumbersome, and with the drawing skills of things are simpler. What is required? Boiled egg, napkins with a favorite floral pattern and gelatinous glue. Separate the top layer of a napkin (which with a drawing) and cut out a fragment necessary for a decor. Then attach the tenderloin to the shell and cover with glue, following strictly from the center to the edge. Voila, you're done!
Decapitation of eggs for Easter

9. If your clothes are filled with unnecessary ties, we'll show you where to apply them. Familiar with the method of silk staining? This is when the raw egg is wrapped in a colored silk fabric, fixed with threads and cooked 10 minutes. The method is not cheap, but it will be beneficial to distinguish your creation from the mountains of Easter eggs with shiny tinsel.
Top 12 ideas - Painting eggs with sholom

10. If you live in an artist, it's time to get watercolor paints, markers or pencils with a soft lead. You can draw anything on eggs, especially if you masterfully master the brush: flowers, geometric shapes, faces of chickens, rabbits, religious symbols or even magic plots to attract good luck. Why not?
Watercolor, a great idea for easter eggs for Easter

11. Glaze powder is another indispensable element of decor for the upcoming holidays. Multicolored sugar balls do not necessarily decorate only the crowns of Easter cakes, they can decorate and Easter egg, pre-dipped the latter in egg white. For reliability, use gelatinous glue.

12. Finally, if you adore knitting or sew clothes for dolls yourself, if you know how to create masterpieces from colored paper, why not apply your skills when decorating Easter eggs? Dress up krashenki in suits zaek, chicken or males, this is exactly no one will come up with! Your Easter basket will be unique, which in itself inspires.

Have you already seen an idea that you would like to implement? Then go ahead.

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