The recipe for the Trinity

Trinity pie on the Trinity holiday: step by step recipe with a photo

The Trinity is one of the most respected and revered church holidays in our country. Therefore it is not surprising that there are special dishes that the housewives prepare for the Trinity. The most traditional treat in Russia is the "Trinity pie with mushrooms". In this article we will give a recipe with a photo and a step-by-step instruction on how to prepare this dish for the holiday of the Trinity.

Ingredients for the "Trinity Pie":

  • yeast dough - 655 gram;
  • fresh champignons - 255 gr;
  • onion - 135 gr;
  • Refined oil - 20 gr;
  • sour cream - 40 gr;
  • hard cheese - 85 gr;

salt, pepper, seasoning "For mushrooms" to taste.

How to cook a pie on the Trinity: step by step recipe

The basis of this popular pastry is the dough. To cook it,
we combine granulated yeast (12 g), sugar (5-6 g), vegetable oil (9-10 ml), salt (pinch), warm water (165-170 ml) and flour (3,5 glass) in a bowl.

we combine granulated yeast in a bowl

We knead the yeast soft dough, from which we form the ball. We lay and cover with food film. We leave in the heat for an hour. The total weight of the test is approximately 650-655 gr.

Dough for pie

Next, according to the recipe, we will prepare the filling for baking on the Trinity. To do this, we wash out fresh mushrooms. We cut with relatively thin longitudinal pieces. In addition, chop the half rings of onions, peeled from the husks.

Cooking stuffing

Warm up on the bottom of the frying pan oil. Throw prepared onions and champignons.

Roast onions and mushrooms

Mix the filling with a spatula and fry for 6-7 minutes. Then pour in sour cream, add pepper (ground) and salt.

Correct roasting of the filling

Stew on medium heat for about 5 minutes, then turn off the hotplate. Now we are going to cook and make a cake. We knead the upturned dough, divide it in half and roll out a round layer from one part. Thickness - 2 see. We shift the basis of the pie with champignons on a baking tray. Its surface, by the way, it is important to spread baking paper, which will protect the baking from burning.

Basis of pie

We place mushroom fry in the middle of the layer. Align and sprinkle the seasoning to taste.

Fruit mushroom filling

We grate hard cheese on a grater (for example, "Russian"). Sprinkle the chips with fried champignons with onions. Then we wrap and fix the skirts.

we form a pie

At the end of cooking, decorate our dish for the Trinity. We roll out a rectangle from the second part of the test. Thickness - up to 1 see. We cut with ribbons of different width. In any order, lay out on the surface of the future pie.

We decorate a dish

The final touch: we turn the edges of the belts under the workpiece and form balls from the remainder of the dough, with which we decorate the pie.

We decorate the cake

We leave the pan in the oven at 150 degrees for a quarter of an hour. Then increase the fire to 180 degrees. We bake "Trinity pie with mushrooms and onions" for 15-20 minutes before the appearance of golden crust.

Bake cake

We serve on the festive table in honor of the Trinity immediately after baking, with pickles and other dishes.

Pie on the Trinity is ready

A piece of delicious pie for the holiday of the Trinity

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