Salted Easter cake

We are used to the fact that classical pastries for the Easter holiday contain a large amount of sugar. Such sweet, moderately sweet, with a lot of candied fruits and dried fruits every year, decorate the table in every house. There are many different recipes and ways to create Easter baking. They differ in the composition of the components, the time of heat treatment, shape, taste.

Ready-made salted Easter cake

Each hostess can find the Easter recipe for her taste.

To diversify your Easter menu, make it unique, exquisite and original, you can cook a salty cake. Such baking will surprise and deliver true pleasure to you and your guests. Spices and dried herbs enrich the taste of the Easter cake. This cake is incredibly tasty, with a delicate airy texture and a pleasant, rich taste. Also you can complement the ingredients. You can add slices of dried paprika, tomatoes, artichokes or canned olives to the workpiece. Each of these ingredients enrich the taste of the salted cake.


- flour (500 grams);
- sugar (50 grams);
- oil (50 grams);
- Provencal herbs (1 tsp);
- yeast (6 grams);
- milk (225 grams);
- Milk powder (15 grams);
- 2 eggs;
- 6 grams of salt.

Ingredients for the salted Easter cake


1. We combine in a bowl the oxygen-enriched flour, sweetener and table salt. Pour the instant yeast. This product does not require pre-activation, which saves time for creating a holiday cake.
mix flour, salt, sugar, shakes

2. We add the recommended norm of dried milk.
add the milk powder

3. We connect dry foods and introduce raw eggs.
add eggs to dough Easter cake

4. Pour melted butter and a warm dairy product.
Easter cake, add butter and milk

5. We add dry spicy herbs.
Making the Easter cake spicy

6. We combine products for a salt cake in com. Carefully beat off the workpiece (3-5 minutes).
Knead the dough for the Easter cake

7. We are waiting for 32-40 minutes. We slightly hold the com with our hands, let us rest for 30-45 more minutes.
Kulich dough kneaded dough

8. We put the workpiece in the shape for the cake. We are waiting for 20-23 minutes, while the mass does not grow in volume in 2 times.
We lay the dough before baking the Easter cake

9. We send it to the oven (180 degrees). Depending on the volume of the form, we prepare the salt cake 49-55 minutes. Shinkuem Easter baked portions (after it is completely cooled).
Ready-made, salted Easter cake

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