How to apply for free Avito?

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How to apply for free Avito?

  • On the popular Avito ads site, you can submit an absolutely free advertisement, you just need to fill out the electronic announcement form correctly by posting information about the product you are selling, at the last point you should select the value "normal sale".

  • On Avito's site, it is possible to submit both a paid ad and a free ad. Paid ads will stay in the top lines for much longer, and free ones will go down.

    If you want to apply for a free ad on Avito, then when you apply, select the "Regular sale" service package. Your ad will be available for 30 days. If you have not sold your product for this time, you can delete and re-place the ad - so it will again fall into the first lines of the list of goods for a while.

    How to apply for free Avito?

  • In fact, there may be difficulties with placing free ads on Avito - you need to choose the free placement in two stages, now I'll show you how it's done.

    So, you open the "submit" window:

    Then write your ad text, upload photos. And it is important, below under the announcement choose gray rectangle quot; (I drew him into a red oval):

    Then, after unscrewing below, click on the blue rectangle with the arrow quot; continue with the package usual sale ;:

    Next, the second page opens, you need to remove the three green check marks and at the bottom enter captcha:

    It will be like this:

    And then, by pressing "; next"; you will lead the final page:

    That's all. In a few minutes (depending on the speed of the moderator's verification) your ad will be on the search for Avito, completely free.

  • Avito's ad site has the function of submitting a free ad, just in the process of creating and registering an advertisement on the portal, one should look not at what is quoted in a large quot; Submit a paid ad ;, but for the fact that at the very bottom of the page quot; Continue with the quot; quot; Regular salequot;. When submitting a free ad, it is shown to users during 30 days, after which it will need to be re-submitted. As new announcements appear in the rubric, your entry will gradually move to the far pages. The paid announcement function guarantees the first in the list, which in turn will affect the number of views.

    How to apply for free Avito?

  • Why not? There is. Register with Avito. You place advertising and that's it. There is an additional function that would not lower your ad on the list for several days - this, of course, already for the payment. Simply, the ad will be dropped as other ads are posted. Then you can remove it and submit it again. And so it will hang 2 months. But who wants to find, sets the necessary parameters and gives him all the necessary list.

  • Since I continue to use Avito, I'll tell you what has changed in two years.

    Now there is a limit on free ads and the site has information about this:

    How to apply for free Avito?

    and yes, if we go into conditions paid ad placement, we see there links to sections:

    How to apply for free Avito?

    And choosing the right category, for example, I went into real estate, I see that for free in Moscow you can submit only one announcement about real estate, of any category, whether it is renting or buying an apartment:

    How to apply for free Avito?

    In the end, it is explained about real estate announcements in different regions - as you can see, you can place one object per region for free, although there will be several ads in general.

    Pretty condensed was a section of personal things:

    How to apply for free Avito?

    To get around this limitation, by experience I will advise you to offer things in packages, especially children's. For example, shoes size 29-30 per girl, etc. So you can put up for sale almost everything that we have without losing in limiting the number of ads.

    With regard to the technology of ad delivery, the staginess is preserved as it was two years ago, but due to the fact that the design has changed a bit I will repeat it. Having chosen the necessary category, create an advertisement:

    How to apply for free Avito?

    Just like two years ago you choose the "normal sale":

    How to apply for free Avito?

    When another page opens, you can tick off the paid services:

    How to apply for free Avito?

    And your ad is ready. After checking by the site moderator, it will be available for viewing to all potential buyers.

  • The well-known and popular Avito ad site has recently become obtrusive to offer users to pay for ads in order to serve them more qualitatively and attractively to potential buyers and users of services, it is likely that Avito has gained popularity and the management of this site believes that can earn in this way, but it should be noted that the opportunity to submit an ad for free is still there, you just need to carefully read the site rules, and when filing for yavleniya to put a tick in the box a regular ad.

  • Avito has the opportunity to submit paid and free ads from private individuals. Only it is worth noting that the free ads on Avito have several disadvantages and one of them is the low rating of such ads. But to submit a free ad for Avito (for a period of no more than 30 days), you need to perform these simple actions:

    How to apply for free Avito?

  • The Avito service is free. To place / place a free ad on Avito's site is easy. The only thing is that free ads quickly go down to the bottom of the list.

    How do I place a free ad on Avito?

    First of all, of course, we go to the official site;

    Before filling out the announcement, read, however, the site rules.

    Fill out the announcement:

    How to apply for free Avito?

    Do not forget to come up with a good password. Confirm it:

    How to apply for free Avito?

    Nadimaem quot; Done; and place our free ad:

    How to apply for free Avito?

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