How do I edit (fix) text in a PDF file?

How do I edit (fix) text in a PDF file?

  • To edit a PDF file, you can use Writer (a Microsoft Word equivalent) from a free office suite called LibreOffice. To edit with this program (of course, that the package should be installed), you need to right-click on the PDF file, select the menu item "Open with ..."; and select Witer. After editing, select File - Export to PDF.

    By itself, the LibreOffice package is a pretty good replacement for a purported office suite and is completely free of charge.

  • In theory, this can be done with the help of specialized programs, such as Foxit PDF Editor. But we must understand that the PDF file format was created to distribute ready-made documents that do not need to be edited anymore, but that should look the same on different computer platforms, on the screen and on the print. Therefore, there is a high probability that you will not be able to do this at all, or the style of text processing will be distorted.

    Therefore, in practice, it's easier to do this: in the FineReader program (or the like), do the OCR of the desired page in a PDF file, get the MS Office file, edit it and print it on a virtual PDF printer (for example, Nitro) with a single-page PDF file . And then in the same Foxit re-compile the desired PDF-file: delete the old version of the page and insert a new one on the site.

    Yes, it is dreary and at first glance may be difficult, but it guarantees the desired result.

  • If you exclude a PDF editor, you can change the data in a PDF file by saving the necessary page as an image (for all PDF viewers such a function is available), changing the necessary in the graphical editor and saving back as PDF (this function is supported by many graphic editors)

  • In general, of course there is a PDF editor that is very simple and easy to install on the computer and allows you to change the text of the PDF document, but you can also change the content of the document by changing its format to Word, do it simply by using the prog format factor.

  • For this purpose, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC must be installed on your computer. It will allow you, not only to edit the text, but also if necessary to translate the document into all other existing formats. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program HERE. Pay attention to the entry marked in the screenshot with the arrow. Instructions for using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC HERE.

    How do I edit (fix) text in a PDF file?

  • There is such an interesting program as ABBY PDF Transformer. If you have a complex text with all sorts of tables, then this program may well come up.

    It will translate your text into Microsoft Word format, after which you will be able to edit what you need.

  • If the PDF file allows you to select and copy text, you can transfer the text to the familiar MS Word and already there to make the necessary changes.

    You can also use a program such as Foxit PDF Editor, which allows you to modify the PDF file, make the necessary adjustments that relate not only to the text.

    It should be noted that initially the PDF could not be changed in any way, only with time appeared programs that can remove protection from the file and allow making changes.

  • To edit a file in this format, in principle, you can use specially developed programs for this, for example, a program like Foxit PDF Editor.

    Also, editing can be done by skipping the document through FineReader, and then in the Word can easily be edited.

  • If you want to edit files of this format, you can first turn it, or more accurately convert it to Word through special sites, for example here and then edited, again translated into pdf. Or you can just download the Foxit PDF Editor and edit it there.

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