There is not enough memory to run Minecraft. What to do?

There is not enough memory to run Minecraft. What to do?

  • In fact, everything is much better and simpler.

    If you have a version higher than 1.5.2, then in the launcher (In the profile settings -> Java arguments) write "; Xmx350mquot; (Without quotes). Where 350 - The amount of allocated memory in mb (You can just change to your requirements).

  • To clear memory (operational), you need:

    • Install the program CCleaner
    • Run and clear RAM and Registry
    • End all processes that "eat"; system resources
    • Clean the hard disk (the one on which the OS is installed) from unnecessary files

    Download software quot; CCleanerquot; it is possible on here

  • Most likely, there is not enough memory on hard disks. In order to free up memory, you need to delete unnecessary files. Namely, games and videos. They always occupy not a few places. You can also use programs to search for duplicate files. For example, photos and music. Thus, you can clean up not a small amount of space on the hard disk.

  • This is absurd, about the memory of games. The game weighs only a maximum of 100 mb and CCleanero will not help, just during the games you need to disable browsers, antiviruses, in short, everything that eats memory should be turned off, I advise you to use Advansed System Care, the program has a function quot; Turbo Accelerationquot; . The game requires the most quot;Minecraft game, also known as Java format. The minimum in the computer should be 2GB RAM and then the game should go without any problems. Yes, many people had such a problem, they didn’t have the grip of RAM, that’s all for Java, you just need to update the Java library in your computer and everything, you need to download the official website link.

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