There is not enough memory to run Minecraft. What to do?

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There is not enough memory to run Minecraft. What to do?

  • In fact, everything is much better and simpler.

    If you have a version higher than 1.5.2, then in the launcher (In the profile settings -> Java arguments) write "; Xmx350mquot; (Without quotes). Where 350 - The amount of allocated memory in mb (You can just change to your requirements).

  • To clear memory (operational), you need:

    • Install the program CCleaner
    • Run and clear RAM and Registry
    • End all processes that "eat"; system resources
    • Clean the hard disk (the one on which the OS is installed) from unnecessary files

    Download software quot; CCleanerquot; it is possible on here

  • Most likely, there is not enough memory on hard disks. In order to free up memory, you need to delete unnecessary files. Namely, games and videos. They always occupy not a few places. You can also use programs to search for duplicate files. For example, photos and music. Thus, you can clean up not a small amount of space on the hard disk.

  • This is absurd, about the memory of games. The game weighs only a maximum of 100 mb and CCleanero does not help, just during games it is necessary to disable browsers, antiviruses, in short everything that consumes memory, the RAM should be disabled, I advise you to use Advansed System Care, the program has a function quot; Turbo Accelerationquot; . The game most requires quot;, игра Minecraft, он же Java формат. Минимум в компьютере должен 2GB оперативка и тогда игра без проблем должна пойти. Да уж, у многих такое проблема возникало, не хватки оперативки, это все и за Java, надо просто обновит Java библиотеку в компьютере и все, нужно скачать официального сайта link.

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