Announcement on Avito: how to make up to sell?

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Announcement on Avito: how to make up to sell?

  • I sell children's things on Avito, from which my children grew up. I sell, in principle, successfully.

    Here are my sales rules for Avito:

    1. The thing I want to sell should be in perfect condition. Well, or at least in very good. To sell washed and worn things is very difficult.
    2. Photos must be of high quality. I usually photograph separately the brand name, size, small details (applications, pockets, drawing) separately.
    3. Price. I always put the minimum price. But this is my personal conviction. I think that it is better to sell winter overalls, boots, school uniforms, etc. for a third of the price, than these things will lie in my dead weight and take up space.
  • On this subject on the Internet is already very much written. I want to share my personal experience, not pretending to confirm the truth in the last resort.

    So, before you start creating an ad on Avito:


    • what is most important, the most valuable, the most attractive in your product (for example, if it's a car, then the new year of production, the engine-like clockwork, European tuning, kvadro music, etc.). Do not skimp on bright epithets;
    • to whom you want to sell it, your so-called. target audience (who might be interested in your product). Stand in their place and try to ask yourself: which one, for example, would I buy a car (not older than 3 years, not bathed, with a small fuel consumption, in diesel or gasoline, so that the engine does not have the engine ".. .. oil, etc.)
    • answering yourself to these questions - briefly, very briefly, well, simply succinctly, write them down on paper in relation to your product. Do not write the whole text with one long sentence. Divide it into semantic parts (for example, write merits with a marker with markers, etc.) Intrigue a potential buyer and at the end, attach: more on the phone or when you are viewing.The main part is ready.Yes, do not specify in the text your coordinates (phone, etc.) - the moderator does not welcome it and for this there are special fields.
    • fill all 100% of the fields! It is very important!
    • pay attention to the title. You can always see it in the first place. Avoid long, boring, type "I sell the Slavic wardrobe in the choir." statequot; (by the way, by the length of the title you are also limited). Better: quot; Sale; .. or prices are reduced .. or the last slave cabinet!
    • make a lot of winning photos of your product and with the moon, and the sun, and in the woods, and in the interior - where this product is used. Most of the views where there are a lot of photos. Take pictures from your mobile phone. quot; Heavyquot; photo from a digital camera or with a mirror, - can simply not boot

    Announcement on Avito: how to make up to sell?

    • make a small video to Youtube (it's fast and free) and upload it along with the photos in the ad form.
    • do not forget to register on the site. Time will not take much. Write the phone number on which you are always connected. A name is better present, for example Alexander, Nikolai, and not Vaska, Dan or Truman.

    Of course, this is not all. There are people who even earn money on writing ads. They know much more about this.

    I just shared my personal experience and I want to wish you good luck in sales on the Avito website.

  • To sell an unnecessary thing on avito, it is enough to decide on the price, and then you can write the children's text, the cost will attract buyers.

    If you want to save more profits, you'll have to try, it's a good title, a brief description of the pluses, a few photos without unnecessary data-your hands and feet, the numbers of technology, the face is better not to show, except this summary, there everything is the opposite, the situation will make it work!

    And there is one secret!

    First, we look at several ads on the same topic or with a similar product, and determine which price to put and what to specify in the description.

  • To advertise on Avito was relevant, and the goods quickly sold, you need to know the main rule: the goods must be in demand.

    For comparison: I sold the video card for 2 days, mp3 player for two weeks, and my watch has been hanging for three years already. There is no demand. Although all my ads are written according to one algorithm.

    Therefore, you can follow the following rules to increase the chances of selling the product to Avito, but do not rely too much on them if there is no demand:

    1) Photos should be high-quality, from different angles.

    2) The price should be adequate, not very high and not very low - it's scary. Look at the price of competitors for similar products and choose the middle option.

    3) More technical details about the product indicate: the operating time, the country of production, the reason for the sale, etc. Also there are more possibilities where you can use the goods for more non-standard applications. So that the client understands why he needs this product.

    4) A screaming headline, but without fanaticism.

    5) The text of the ad should be simple in design: we divide it into paragraphs, sentences, new lines. That there was something like the dialogue in Vibera. No abstruse phrases are needed, overload with quot; waterquot; too it is not necessary.

    In principle, it's sunny.

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