What is the best antivirus for windows 7? a laptop

What is the best antivirus for windows 7? a laptop

  1. Norton 360 !!!
  2. total 360
  3. compare preferences and tests of aniviruses: Safety Products Tests
    (by the way, this concerns all fools!)

    Ah, I prefer the winners of testing security products!

  4. Do not believe this deer and do not put this COMODO shit, delete everything!
  5. I prefer the node32
  6. How many people, so many opinions will be. Because the best in one loses in the other. I personally prefer Avira.
  7. But I personally prefer Microsoft Security Essentials! This is for me personally, such an antivirus
  8. Of course, Kaspersky
  9. no
  10. The best for 7 Windows is Casper
  11. I like ESET NOD 32. Wash good for me, at the very same Windows 7. And the prices are normal only 1500 rub per year! I advise you to try
  12. link is blocked by the decision of the project administration
  13. It is often asked these questions and immediately a mass of respondents begin to shout and sometimes argue with each other about their favorite means of protection. Everyone thinks that his antivirus is better. Some people on the contrary completely refuse to use antivirus, because they mostly slow down the system. On Linux and MAC OS antiviruses are not needed, there it is justified. But not on Windows! Yes, without it the computer works much faster, but you run the risk. Judge for yourself.
    Now about the choice of antivirus. For today, the most important is the antivirus of Kaspersky http://www.kaspersky.ru But he has 2 significant drawbacks:
    1. Like any normal antivirus, it sensibly loads the system
    2. It's paid.
    You can easily find on the Internet keys for him (which for a long time, as a rule, is not enough), or put the "eternal trial", it is everyone who decides.
    Much faster and free (but less expensive) is Avast! Free http://www.avast.com/ru-ru/index When using it from time to time, use the free utility http://www.freedrweb.com/download+cureit/?nc=tlng=ru for check.
    I also use COMODO Internet Security Premium - a free and nagged complex that combines antivirus, firewall and proactive protection. It runs on 10-20 meters, it works fast. Read about nm here: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comodo_Internet_Security You can download it here: http://www.comodo.com/home/download/download.php?prod=cis (do not be embarrassed that the page in English, the antivirus itself is completely Russian).
    In conclusion, I will say that I myself am testing for "lice" some antiviruses with a package of viruses. And I was convinced that there is NO absolute panacea! Any antivirus passes viruses. The question is how many.
    Good luck!
  14. Each antivirus has both advantages and disadvantages.
    But their task is to protect the computer from infection with virus programs,
    the safety of your privacy, and so on.
    Therefore, I think that the dignity of the antivirus is an affordable price, a paid version.
    That is, the minimum price, with maximum protection.
    On account of this there is a video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/XW9sZYq_1pg
    I already used this opportunity and do not regret it.
  15. I like ESET.
    1. It does not heavily load the system.
    2. It protects the system.
    3. Protects against viruses on the Internet.
    4. There is a trial version for 1 month.
    1. It's paid.
    2. It is not worth it.
    So decide what to install ... I prefer this one!
  16. the casper also has great prices and will be cheaper, though I'm for free antiviruses! http://soft-file.ru/luchshie-besplatnye-antivirusy/ and for straight even hands!
  17. The best antivirus does not exist!

    Personally, I trust Kaspersky, but this is my opinion. For a laptop it's better to put something simpler

  18. I prefer Comodo IS, because it is easy for the system, efficient and free.
  19. the Casper Inter. securitize
  20. McAee - for all time !!!!
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