View from the satellite in real time for free online. Where can I look?

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View from the satellite in real time for free online. Where can I look?

  • You can look through the cameras of the International Space Station on the website:, there are also answers to some questions related to the broadcast. It should be kept in mind that broadcasting is sometimes interrupted due to the fact that the station leaves the communication area.

  • Previously, this could only be dreamed of. Now every person, if he has access to the World Wide Web, will be able to see world map in real time, and all this is absolutely is free.

    No need to go anywhere. You can go to this or this site and that's it. Google also provides this feature.

    Watch and enjoy the beauties of the earth.

    View from the satellite in real time for free online. Where can I look?

  • The view from the satellite in real time for today does not constitute any problems. In the World Wide Web, you will easily find websites that will happily show you the beauty and beauty of our planet. very fascinating sight. I really liked this site, I advise you to look.

    View from the satellite in real time for free online. Where can I look?

  • Online can be viewed on this site, for example. As it is written, there is a live broadcast from the ISS.

    But here I could not see. It is possible that the ISS was in the shadows (it says that then the black screen will be displayed).

    There is also the Eyes on the Earth program for viewing from a satellite various objects in space (not just the Earth).

  • The best and most working, with a good graphics of the camera can be seen from the link. There you can often see a very good broadcast, high-quality and without glare from the sun and sunlight. Also there users post their photos from the broadcast - sometimes very interesting. You can learn the ISS route over your pride and country there and see in real time on yourself from space.

  • The fact is that the Earth is removed from satellites in 24 mode per day, 7 days a week. After all, always on some side of the world the sun is shining, you can watch the live broadcast on the website;s

  • Video broadcast from satellites in real time can be viewed on many sites. I will list some of them:

  • Places to view online maps a lot. You can see it here, here and here. The main thing is that it's absolutely free. Kind of mesmerizing, I want to review again and again. The main thing is that the satellite should be in the necessary area for viewing.

  • Watching the movement and development of our planet is very interesting, the seas and rivers, clouds, rains and thunderstorms, changing weather conditions and moods of nature, we all depend on it, this is the life of mankind. You can see the link online.


  • In the orbit of our mother Earth, not only do various garbage and spy satellites fly, but also the International Space Station, which, among other things, also has a webcam that broadcasts the planet's online view from space. To see the Earth from this perspective, just go to this site. However, if the station is on the dark side, then you will not see anything. Besides, there is not always a connection, so be patient.

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