Help me Find a Paper on Architecture Types

Help me Find a Paper on Architecture Types

  1. I distinguish five main types of architecture:
    - architecture terminal-main computer;
    - Intelligent network architecture;
    - client-server architecture;
    - Peer-to-peer architecture;
    - computer-network architecture.
    Information network architecture.
    The architecture of the information network is a concept that defines:
    - the main elements of the information network;
    - the nature and topology of the interaction of these elements;
    + representing the logical, functional and physical organization of the network's hardware and software.

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  2. Architecture, or architecture, is a system of buildings and structures that form a spatial environment for the life and activities of people. These are separate buildings and their ensembles, squares and avenues, parks and stadiums, towns and entire cities. Each of the buildings has a specific purpose: for life or work, rest or study, trade or transport, etc. All of them are strong, convenient and necessary for people, these are their mandatory properties. But there are these buildings and buildings and other important properties of beauty and the ability to evoke in the audience certain feelings and moods. It is these qualities that make architecture an art, and like every kind of art, architecture is closely related to the life of society, its views and ideology.

    However, architecture is not only called the system of buildings and structures that organize the spatial environment, but also the art itself to create buildings and structures according to the laws of beauty. And the people who create them are called architects (in Greek the architect is a senior builder).

    So, architecture organizes space. Architects create buildings, constructions, whole settlements and cities not only expedient and convenient for life and activity, but also beautiful and emotionally affecting a person. In other words, functional, constructive and aesthetic qualities (usefulness, strength and beauty) in architecture are interrelated.

    There are three main types of architecture. The first architecture of voluminous structures. It includes residential buildings, public buildings (schools, theaters, stadiums, shops, etc.), industrial facilities (factories, factories, power plants, etc.).

    The second type is landscape architecture. It is mainly associated with the organization of the garden and park space. These are city squares, boulevards and parks with small architecture gazebos, bridges, fountains, stairs.

    The third type of architecture is town planning. It covers the creation of new cities and towns and the reconstruction of old urban areas. The city planner should choose the territory, outline where the residential, public and industrial zones and the transport routes linking them will be located, to provide for the possibility of further expansion of the city. He must think about the beauty of the future city, the preservation of historical monuments, the place of new urban ensembles.

    Ahecture. Types of architecture.

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    POSTERS with kinds of architecture of cities of the world.

    Types of architecture. A single collection of digital educational resources.

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