What is Satoshi? What are the satoshs in rubles, dollars, hryvnia, euros?

What is Satoshi? What are the satoshs in rubles, dollars, hryvnia, euros?

  • Let's start with what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is the innovative currency of the Internet. Now bitcoin costs 12756 rubles. Each currency has so-called small coins (pennies, cents, etc.). Satoshi is a small quot; coin; bitcoin. But in this case in one bitcoin 100 millions of sanoshi, which is very convenient for payment on the Internet services such as clicks, viewing advertising and other low-paid jobs on the Internet.

    As I already wrote 1 bitcoin now costs 12756 rubles. As for the dollar, now one bitcoin costs 319 dollars. If you take the euro, now in one bitcoin 255 euro. In order to calculate the course sanoshi enough to separate these clean on 100000000.

  • Satoshi is the smallest part Bitcoin. 1 Satoshi is equal to just 0, 000 000 01 Bitcoin.

    The course of bitcoin, and therefore Satoshi, quite dramatically changes. For example, today (9 September 2014) 1 bitcoin is equal to 466 dollars, which is equivalent to 17284 Russian rubles, 363 евро, 5965 Ukrainian Hryvnia or 84812 Kazakh tenge.

    It is easy to calculate how much it costs 1 Satoshi in different currencies:

    • 0, 000 004 66 dollar
    • 0, 000 172 84 Ruble
    • 0, 000 003 63 Euro
    • 0, 000 059 65 Ukrainian Hryvnia
    • 0, 000 848 12 Kazakh tenge

    In general, 1 satoshi is very, very little! Even it is not clear why such a scanty unit was invented. Probably, that the small sum expressed in satoshi, looked very big!

  • In one bitkoin 100 millions of satosh. Why so much? - Apparently with the expectation of growth rate bitcoin thousands of times. Now, for example, bitcoin costs 300 $ and 1 $ is 300 thousand Satoshi. But the time will come when 1 $ will cost 300 satoshi!

  • Well, probably write about what satoshi is and how many of them in one bitcoin does not make sense anymore. But perhaps I'll write about today's course. Today, 25 September, 2014 year, one bitcoin equals 407, 63 US dollars. And judging by the rate given in the first answer, the price of bitcoin rises continuously.

  • Satoshi is the smallest bit of bitcoin. Total 1 satosh is equal to = 0.000 000 01 BTC. Satoshi is named after the Satoshi Nakamoto alias of the inventor of bitcoin.

    On 8.06.2014, 1VTS is equal to 632 dollar.

    One satoshi = 0.00000632 $, or 0,00021488 ruble. That is, very little ....

  • Satoshi for bitkoyna, it's like a penny for a ruble, that is, a small coin.

    Only in the ruble 100 kopecks, and in bitokone Satoshi is also one hundred, only a million.

    At today's date (14 February 2015.) For the Russian ruble give 0,000066 bitcoins. If you want, you can transfer bitokoyny to satoshi, multiplying by a hundred million.

  • Satoshi is, very dynamically growing at this time, e-currency.

    At the beginning of October 2014 year 1 Satoshi = 0.0001 $. But we must understand that the bitcoins have limited use as payment for goods and services. In short, not all online stores accept this currency for payment.

  • Satoshi is a tiny penny, this is 1 / one hundred millionth bitcoin.

    Today, all figures are approximate, because the exchange rate is very unstable.

    But the approximate amount of money in Satosh can be calculated.

    I, unfortunately, myself can not count such figures at all.

    1 satosh is equal to 100 million bitcoins.

    1 bitcoin equals 343 US dollars. This is according to today's course at 24 December.

    So if you do not see Satoshi in bitcoins, then in the currency of all countries this is exactly the same.

    Therefore, it is easier to focus on the number of Satoshi in Bitcoins, because the dollar exchange rate does not go in even numbers. BUT here rate of world currencies to bitcoin.

  • Satoshi - this is the smallest of the allowed units of electronic currency in the bitcoin network. Satoshi is the same as a penny in Russia or a cent in the US.

    What is Satoshi? 1 satosh is equal to one of 100 000 000 parts bitcoin.

    As of 9 December 2014 1 bitcoin is equal to 351 $. 1 hryvnia is equal to 0.064 $. 1 euro equals 1.23 $. 1 ruble is equal to 0.0185 dollar.

    In different currencies (euro, ruble, hryvnia, dollar) Satoshi is equal to:

    1 satosh is equal to 0,00000351 dollar;

    1 satosh is equal to 0,00005484 hryvnia;

    1 satosh is equal to 0,00000285 euro;

    1 satosh is equal to 0,0001897 rubles.

    Unfortunately the cost of bitcoin is constantly falling, which means that the cost of Satosh also falls. So in January 2014 year satoshi cost 0,00000937 dollars and for a year fell to third of its value.

  • Satoshi is an electronic currency, one hundred millionth part of bitcoin. It's like a penny, or a penny. One bitcoin is equal to 17324.8 rubles, 1 bitcoin in dollars 321.83 $, 1 bitcoin in euros 263.91 euro. One bitcoin in UAH 5 136.81.

  • 1 bitcoin = 100000000 satoshi.

    Satoshi is the smallest currency in Bitcoin, which currently can equal 0.00000001 BTC.

    1 bitcoin = 100000000 satoshi

    1 bitcoin = 1000 millibitcoin

    1 Millibits = 100000 Satoshi

    1 BTC (microbicothein) = 100 satoshi

    122174status = 1 dollar.

  • Satoshi is an electronic currency, but very small, even less than a penny, when compared with the ruble. The cryptocurrency is named after the creator of e-currency Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin. Damn, did I mess up the number of zeros? As for the satoshi rate in relation to other currencies, you can find out here.

  • To begin with, we'll figure out what Satoshi is.

    Satoshi, if you explain in Russian, like our pennies - only this is not real money, but a virtual currency (crypto currency), or rather a unit of measure for one Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin currency itself appeared on the idea of ​​the hacker Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakomoto), from here and the name of the countable part of Bitcoin. By the way, in one bitcoin one hundred million satoshi (100 000 000) and at the moment its price in translation into rubles is slightly more 38 000 rubles.

    Well, perhaps most importantly, this unit of calculation is not subject to more than one person, not one company of the world - in general to anyone and it can not be blocked by anyone (on your wallet) or anything - except for yourself.

    This is the most free currency on the Internet, the most popular and not in the power of any state - it is a free electronic currency created for humanity absolutely unselfishly.

    What is Satoshi? What are the satoshs in rubles, dollars, hryvnia, euros?

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