How to get OKPO by TIN?

How to get OKPO by TIN?

  • Now on the Internet you can find a lot of necessary information. Literally I just had to look for the OKPO number of my organization.

    The OKPO code (abbreviated from the All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises of Organizations) is the main one in Rosstat's systems. You can find it in several ways. The site helped me

    • You just need to enter the name of the organization (I entered the name of the manager, the form of ownership and the region, just in case), put a dot in the OKPO window, the information card of the company will open, which will contain the OKPO code.
    • If you know the company's TIN, you can find out through FTS website, enter INN of the enterprise, a window with its address will open. By calling the district administration, you can find out the OKPO code.
    • If you know the type of activity of the enterprise, you can look on the Internet (or call the local branch of Rosstat), which classifier corresponds to this type of activity.
    • You can find in the forms of accounting statements of this company
    • You can request an extract from the USRLE at the local IFNS. True, it is paid, but in the extract there will be a lot of information about the organization.
    • You can apply to the local branch of Rosstat with a request to issue an information letter with all the codes.
  • You can find out by this link this. These are numbers, the code that the State Statistics Committee issues to organizations, you need to enter the TIN in the drop-down box and the necessary organization code should drop out.

    In addition to this link there is an option to search the Internet, for example, here All information on the code, but given the know what the activity is doing. You can make a call to the Rosstat, there will also say the code.

  • If you know only the identification number of the taxpayer of an entrepreneur or company, you need to visit the official site of the Federal Tax Service and copy the company's TIN to the pop-up window, and you will be given the address of the organization, the code of the organization's OKPO. Address of the Federal Tax Service of Russia -

  • Learn by TIN OKPO code is quite realistic. To do this, you must have data on the taxpayer identification number of the entrepreneur or company. Next, you need to go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service and enter the company's TIN in a pop-up window, and you will be given the address of the organization you are looking for. After that, you can call the district administration, where you can find the OKPO code. You can also use the data serviceto learn OKPO online.

    1. Simpler Call the IFNS where you received the tax ID.

    Telephones to find out in Google. The IFNS number is the first 4 digits in the TIN.

  • Зайдите на официальный ресурс, налоговой службы, там впишите в предлагаемое поле ИНН нужной организации. Увидите, что откроется адрес организации, там же есть информация о имеющихся телефонах. Теперь, звонком можете связаться с районной администрацией, где вам подскажут код ОКПО. Кроме это есть такой сайт Можно через него получить информацию, при чем круглосуточно и бесплатно.

  • All legal entities receive the OKPO code. OKPO number usually contains eight or ten digits. The number of OKPO, usually is on the organizations' peches, so you can find out by looking at the seal. you can also apply to the Rosstat branch by filling out an application for providing you with a code. To do this, you will also need an INN passport data and a certificate of registration of the legal entity.

  • OKPO is one of the statistics codes. When I submitted reports to the pension and the FSS was required to find out this code. On the statistics website (Nizhny Novgorod region) there is linkwhich allows you to find OKPO on OGRN or on the TIN. Perhaps not all regional statistics committees have it, so you need to contact your regional department.

  • I used to type in "quot; INN 6 .... (number) quot ;, as a result on several sites there were all requisites of the company

  • The easiest and best way to determine the code OKPO if there is a code of INN is - to visit the site of the okpo point py. It contains a huge database of business entities: USREOU, OKPO and some others. Truth is an obligatory condition of access - registration.

  • Find OKPO by TIN will not be a big deal. All information is freely available on the Internet.

    OKPO code of statistics, it is assigned to the organization by the State Statistics Committee.

    That's where there is information on the code. You can find on the statistics website in the database number OKPO, by entering there INN.

  • Found such a site: - all-Russian classifier of organizations. I entered the bookmark "Search by OKPO"; I entered the TIN of my organization and two more with whom we cooperate. In all three cases, only through the TIN the program showed the correct OKPO. Fast and convenient, and no need to send any requests.

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