characterize all him. featured beryllium

characterize all him. featured beryllium

  1. Beryllium - n. -з. Me; Atomic 4
    Be + 9, has 2 orbitals, 1 has 2 electrons, 2 also has 2.
    in chem. compounds 2-valentine,
    the highest oxide is BeO,
    higher hydroxide - H2BeO2
  2. "...Бормен, выпучив глаза, станнум, как вкопанный. Бериллий, бериллий, подбодрил его аргентум и, наклонившись ниже, процезий сквозь зубы слова пароля.... "
  3. BERILLIUM (Latin Beryllium), Be, chemical element of group II of the periodic table, atomic number 4, atomic mass 9,01218; refers to alkaline earth metals.

    Химический символ элемента Be читается бериллий . В природе встречается только один стабильный нуклид 9Be. Электронная конфигурация атома бериллия 1s22s2. Атомный радиус 0,113 нм, радиус иона Ве2+ 0,034 нм. В соединениях проявляет только степень окисления +2 (валентность II). Энергии последовательной ионизации атома Ве равны 9,3227 и 18,211 эВ. Значение электроотрицательности по Полингу 1,57. В свободном виде серебристо-серый легкий металл.

    Свойства: металлический бериллий характеризуется высокой хрупкостью. Температура плавления 1278C, температура кипения около 2470C, плотность 1,816 кг/м3. До температуры 1277C устойчив a-Ве (гексагональная решетка типа магния (Mg), параметры а = 0,22855 нм, с = 0,35833 нм) , при температурах, предшествующих плавлению металла (1277-1288C) b-Ве с кубической решеткой.

    The chemical properties of beryllium are similar in many ways to the properties of magnesium (Mg) and, especially, aluminum (Al). The proximity of the properties of beryllium and aluminum is explained by the almost identical ratio of the charge of the cation to its radius for Be2 + and Al3 + ions.

    In air, beryllium, like aluminum, is covered with an oxide film, which gives beryllium a matte color. The presence of an oxide film protects the metal from further destruction and causes its low chemical activity at room temperature.

    When heated, beryllium burns in air to form oxide BeO, reacts with sulfur and nitrogen. With halogens, beryllium reacts at ordinary temperature or under mild heating, for example:

    Be + Cl2 = WeCN2

    All these reactions are accompanied by the release of a large amount of heat, since the strength of the crystal lattices of the resulting compounds (BeO, BeS, Be3N2, BeCN2, etc.) is quite large.

    Due to the formation of a strong oxide film on the surface, beryllium does not react with water, although it is in the series of standard potentials much to the left of hydrogen. Like aluminum, beryllium reacts with acids and alkali solutions:

    Be + 2HCl = BeCl2 + H2,

    Be + 2NaOH + 2H2O = Na2Be (OH) 4 + H2.

    Гидроксид бериллия Be(OH)2 полимерное соединение, нерастворимое в воде. Оно проявляет амфотерные свойства:

    Be (OH) 2 + 2KOH = K2Be (OH) 4,

    Be (OH) 2 + 2HСl = BeСl2 + 2H2O.

    In most compounds, beryllium exhibits a coordination number of 4. For example, in the structure of solid BeCl2 there are chains with bridged chlorine atoms.
    Due to the formation of strong tetrahedral anions, many beryllium compounds react with other metal salts:

    BeF2 + 2KF = K2BeF4

    С водородом (H) бериллий непосредственно не взаимодействует. Гидрид бериллия BeH2 полимерное вещество, его получают реакцией.

    BeCl2 + 2LiH = BeH2 + 2LiCl,

    carried out in ether solution.

    The action of beryllium hydroxide Be (OH) 2 with solutions of carboxylic acids or evaporation of solutions of their beryllium salts yields beryllium oxy salts, for example, Be4O (CH3COO) 6 oxyacetate. These compounds contain the tetrahedral group Be4O, the acetate ribs are located along the six edges of this tetrahedron. Such compounds play an important role in the processes of purification of beryllium, since they do not dissolve in water, but they readily dissolve in organic solvents and are easily sublimated in a vacuum.

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  4. metal, 2period 2 And ​​the group, the main character, what else nada?
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